MKS Introduces >80 W UV Hybrid Fiber Laser

The Quasar UV80 laser outputs a near diffraction-limited single mode UV beam. The laser’s hybrid fiber architecture comb…

IBM Unveils Breakthrough 127-Qubit Quantum Processor

IBM recently debuted detailed roadmaps for quantum computing, including a path for scaling quantum hardware to enable

Enhancing laser welding speed with adjustable full-range ring-to-spot diffractive shaper by Holo/Or Ltd.

These elements can easily be installed into off-the-shelf manual or motorized rotation mounts to create an optical modul…

Measurements at the quantum limit with TOPTICA's new CTL 900

The latest addition to this family is called CTL 900. It is tunable between 880 nm and 950 nm. The long-awaited waveleng…

Rochester researchers set ‘ultrabroadband’ record with entangled photons

Researchers at the University of Rochester have taken advantage of this phenomenon to generate an incredibly large bandw…



ANU scientists set new record with bifacial solar cells

The solar cells are dual sided, meaning both the front and back of the cell generate power

Image: Eric Byler/The Australian National University