Meet Spacetop: The World’s First Augmented Reality Laptop

With customized hardware and a proprietary spatial environment, Spacetop leverages AR to remove the physical constraints of standard laptops. The result is a first-of-its kind product that allows users to READ MORE >>

Skydio announces R1, the world’s first fully autonomous flying camera

R1 was built from the ground up for autonomous flight by a team of world-class researchers and engineers. R1 is powered by the Skydio Autonomy Engine, enabling it to see and understand the world around it so that it can fly safely at high speeds while avoiding obstacles, even in READ MORE >>

DJI Introduces Mavic Air For Limitless Exploration Wherever Adventure Takes You

Developed with the traveler and outdoor enthusiast in mind, Mavic Air inherits the best features of DJI’s iconic Mavic series with a 4K camera for superior image quality, new QuickShot modes and SmartCapture for easier, more intelligent photo and video capturing, and READ MORE >>

Everysight and Qualcomm Announce Reshaping of the Cycling Experience with Raptor AR Smartglasses

The Snapdragon 410E embedded platform was included on the Raptor using a custom board developed by eInfochips. Raptors are the first announced consumer focused augmented reality smartglasses aimed at READ MORE >>


The FullVision display’s immersive and expansive visual experience is enhanced on the 4.15 million pixels of the QHD+ OLED screen. Superb image quality is achieved via emissive OLED technology which READ MORE >>

PowerVision Unveils PowerRay Underwater Robot with Revolutionary Technology Breakthroughs to Redefine Recreational Fishing

The PowerRay robot can dive as deep as 30 meters or 98 feet underwater. The sonar system can detect fish up to 40 meters or 131 feet below the robot, making the total diving depth up to 70 meters or 230 feet with precision up to READ MORE >>

Elbit System’s augmented reality smartglasses spin off, Everysight, announces an exclusive test pilot program for cyclists.

The Raptor provides riders with a true augmented reality experience by floating information crisply and directly before the eye without blocking an athlete’s vision, meaning they can safely access and analyze vital information on-the- go and maximize their performance READ MORE >>

Epson announces launch of world’s lightest OLED binocular see-through smart glasses, the Moverio BT-300 in Southeast Asia

Leveraging Epson’s patented optical and precision technologies, Epson’s Moverio BT-300 smart glasses has micro projectors located on each side of the eyeglasses that project transparent overlays of digital content directly in the READ MORE >>

Microsoft introduces Surface Studio - its first desktop computer

Expanding the Surface family, Surface Studio is a new class of device that transforms from a workstation into a powerful digital canvas, unlocking a more natural and immersive way to create on the thinnest LCD monitor ever built READ MORE >>

LG Innotek Unveils Transmission Modules for Quick Wireless Charging

LG Innotek’s 15-watt transmission module can be used on wireless power chargers installed on vehicles as well as wireless chargers used at home or office. The company has secured quality at the level of automotive electronic parts READ MORE >>

RideOn’s Indiegogo Campaign Brings Augmented Reality to Ski Slopes for First Time

The experience of riding down the mountain will change dramatically in 2015. RideOn, a startup based in Tel Aviv, recently unveiled their prototype of ski goggles of the READ MORE >>

Experience Virtual Reality with ZEISS VR ONE

To dive into virtual worlds, all the user needs to do is select an appropriate VR app and slide his or her smartphone into the headset using the tray provided. ZEISS VR ONE will initially be available worldwide with a tray for the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and the iPhone 6 READ MORE >>

For the first time in industry, Sharp Develops 7.0" Tablet with MEMS-IGZO display

The MEMS-IGZO display on this tablet is a cutting-edge display jointly developed with Pixtronix, Inc. (hereafter "Pixtronix"), a subsidiary company of Qualcomm Incorporated. By integrating Pixtronix's MEMS display technology and READ MORE >>


With the ear drums freed-up, users can listen to their favorite music and hear their surroundings at the same time. This is especially useful for active users who enjoy outdoor activities like hikers, runners and bikers, allowing them to immerse themselves in their favorite music while staying connected to their environment READ MORE >>

QNAP Launches 7-in-1 Mobile NAS QGenie for File Storage, Power Bank, Internet Sharing, and More

QGenie offers a great mobile NAS solution to wirelessly and flexibly extend the storage space of mobile devices. Users can optimize their storage space by transferring files to READ MORE >>

Thalmic Labs Unveils Final Design of the Myo Armband

The state-of-the-art industrial design is a thin, expandable band, which is nearly half the thickness of the Myo Alpha units that were given to select developers and partners over the past six months. Weighing in at less than 95 grams, the final Myo armband weighs less than READ MORE >>

Fujitsu Develops ARROWS Tab Q335/K, New 8-Inch Tablet

The new model is planned to be rolled out in stages worldwide from October 2014 READ MORE >>

Apple Introduces New Entry Level 21.5-inch iMac

Featuring a stunning ultra-thin design, brilliant display, Core i5 processors and the world’s most advanced operating system, the new iMac is the perfect entry-level Mac® desktop. READ MORE >>


While Tone Infinim is compatible with all smart devices with Bluetooth, it is particularly optimized for READ MORE >>

HTC launches the beautifully compact HTC One mini 2

The HTC One mini 2 brings the iconic metal craftsmanship and best-in-class experience of the HTC One to those in search of a more compact model. READ MORE >>

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