Laser 2000 UK Laser 2000 Is Introducing Moku:Lab, The New All-in-one Device For Professional Test & Measurement in Laboratories

Moku:Lab by Liquid Instruments, the new all-in-one lab device




Huntingdon, 15th May 2017 — Laser 2000 Is Introducing Moku:Lab, The New All-in-one Device For Professional Test & Measurement in Laboratories Moku:Lab replaces multiple test and measurement instruments with a single device. It measures, records, and generates signals from DC to 200 MHz and can seamlessly switch between instruments. By wirelessly communicating with an iPad*, Moku:Lab enables technicians, researchers, and students to interact with their experiment and stream data in real-time from anywhere in the lab. Ultimately, Moku:Lab enhances the whole test and measurement experience without compromising functionality and performance.

The all-in-one device currently integrates eight professional-grade instruments, including:

  • Oscilloscope
  • Waveform Generator
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Phasemeter
  • Data Logger
  • Lock-in Amplifier
  • PID Controller
  • Bode Analyser
  • + more to follow, free of charge via the App store*

No more squinting at screens or reliance on someone else to adjust settings or analyse data. With wireless connectivity, Moku:Lab frees you to adjust instruments and make measurements  from anywhere around the lab.

The Moku:Lab App contains everything you need to manage multiple instruments in one free download*. You’ll be able to share or forward data in seconds using Dropbox, iCloud, or email. The App will also automatically alert you when new instruments are released in the future. And another great feature of the software is that all new instruments are free.

To find out how Moku:Lab can revolutionise your work, visit our website: or download the App for free from the App Store to try for yourself.

*Moku:Lab works with any Apple iPad with a Retina Display.

About Laser 2000 (UK) Ltd:
Laser 2000 (UK) Ltd has been providing solutions for academic, industrial, and telecommunications organisations for 25 years. We are a specialist distributor of high quality photonics equipment including test and measurement instrumentation, single- and multi-wavelength laser modules, fibre optics, optical filters and mirrors, optomechanics, LED-based light sources, imaging cameras, motion control, and laser safety equipment.

About Liquid Instruments

Liquid Instruments was founded by Prof. Daniel Shaddock, Department of Quantum Science, Australian National University. Prof. Shaddock was recently elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society for pioneering development of precision optical interferometry in space, particularly for the detection of gravitational waves and for mapping the gravitational field of the earth.

The expert team at Liquid Instruments have backgrounds in laser interferometry, precision metrology, data science, software design, and engineering, with previous experience at NASA and other research institutions, demonstrating that Moku:Lab was developed with professional scientists and engineers in mind.

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