How to verify that quantum chips are computing correctly

To run the QNN, they used traditional silicon fabrication techniques to build a 2-by-5-millimeter NISQ chip with more th…

New method breaks the reciprocity of light propagation

Ni and his fellow researchers developed a new technology to break reciprocity not with a device that uses magnets but wi…

Tuning optical resonators gives researchers control over transparency

For the experiment, researchers directed light toward a pair of indirectly coupled resonators from the left (see illustr…

Laser-plasma accelerators without limits

For accelerating electrons using current plasma accelerators, an intense laser beam is targeted into

Edmund Optics® Features New Products Including TECHSPEC® Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses and TECHSPEC® Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors

These focusing lenses are manufactured from N-BK7 glass and are mounted in an anodized aluminum housing for easy integra…



Tandem Solar Modules: One-Two Combination Packs a More Powerful Punch

Tandem solar modules consist of two different types of modules in a layered array that puts the solar spectrum to much better use than any single solar cell. This combination is far more efficient. Multi-junction solar cells’ efficiency could

The researchers engaged in the Capitano project are developing new materials, processes and prototypes for highly efficient perovskite solar cells and modules