Smaller than a grain of sand—silica glass sensors 3D-printed on optical fiber

The advance could enable faster internet and improved connectivity, as well as innovations like smaller sensors and

World's first confirmation of a unique phenomenon combining optical, electrical, and mechanical properties when light is fired at a 2D atomic layer

The research team observed with a Kelvin microscope that the semiconductor doping characteristics change in a local area…

Metalens Expands Its Reach from Light to Sound

Professor Junsuk Rho’s team, renowned for their work on metalens, is attracting acclaim for their advancements in optica…

What is “time” for quantum particles?

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A new, low-cost, high-efficiency photonic integrated circuit

It features similar excellent electro-optic qualities but has an advantage over lithium niobate in scalability and cost,…



Researchers at uOttawa boost efficacy of solar panels

The researchers found that by integrating these reflectors into solar setups, they could improve the system’s energy production and efficiency

Artificial reflector experiment performed on the Bifacial Experimental Single-Axis-Tracking Site