Entanglement sent over 50 km of optical fiber

For the first time, a distance of 50 kilometers was covered using fiber optic cables

Stanford researchers design a light-trapping, color-converting crystal

The team’s goal was to force the coexistence of the two laser beams using a photonic crystal cavity, which can focus lig…

UofSC startup breaks ground in nano-optical manufacturing

This past May the intellectual property developed by Crawford and his team was acquired by Thorlabs, one of the leading …

RIT researchers help develop practical new method for measuring quantum entanglement

Rochester Institute of Technology researchers have helped develop a new technique for quantifying entanglement that has …

Researchers realize ultra-low loss and high performing silicon carbide nano photoelectric element

Silicon Carbide has not been widely used as the material for subminiature optical devices despite its excellent physical…



Lightyear unveils the world’s first long-range solar car

The roof and hood are comprised of five square meters of integrated solar cells in safety glass so strong that a fully-grown adult can walk on them without causing dents. In addition to solar power, Lightyear One can be charged at

Lightyear One - Mountain drive

Solar cells (like people!) work better with caffeine

In UCLA-led study, perovskite-based devices benefit from the strong bond between lead and the same chemical found in coffee and tea