A Spatiotemporal Symphony of Light

The scientists shone pulses of light along the edge of a 2D material, producing in the material the hybrid sound-light w…

Researchers make ultracompact on-chip computational infrared spectrometer

With potential applications that range from detecting greenhouse gases to making self-driving vehicles safer, there has…

Iridian Filters Chosen for Dragonfly Telescope

Iridian will design and manufacture custom narrow band filters to enable

ZYGO Launches the Nexview™ 650 Large Format Inspection and Metrology System

The NexviewTM 650 is the latest addition to the NexviewTM range of 3D optical profilers from ZYGO, which are all charact…

The first coherent topological polariton laser

In this work, the researchers built a semiconductor microcavity based on the etch-and-overgrowth process. This platform…



Transparent nanolayers for more solar power

Several process steps were necessary to produce the layers of the TPC solar cell.. On a thin layer of silicon dioxide, the researchers deposited a double layer of tiny pyramid-shaped nanocrystals of silicon carbide - applied at two different temperatures. Finally, a transparent layer of indium tin oxide followed. Ding and colleagues used

Prototype of the solar cells in laboratory size