A linear path to efficient quantum technologies

Their outstanding result was made possible by using two additional photons in tandem with the entangled photon pair. It…

Civan Lasers Unveils 500W Single Mode Continuous Wave 532nm Laser

This green laser stands apart from others on the market because of its exceptional beam quality, a feature hard to attai…

New loss mitigation technique paves the way for perfect optical resonators

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Quantum discovery offers glimpse into other-worldly realm

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Perovskite solar cells invented by NUS scientists set new world record for power conversion efficiency

The promising results reported by the NUS team mark a pivotal milestone in advancing the commercialization of a low-cost, efficient, stable perovskite solar cell technology

The successful incorporation of a novel interface material into perovskite solar cells contributed to the record-breaking accomplishment.

Simple semiconductor solutions could boost solar energy generation and enable better space probes

A 'simple' tweak to perovskite solar cells during the fabrication stage could help to unlock the untold potential of the renewable energy source, claims research from the University of Surrey.