Quantum particles: Pulled and compressed

To take advantage of the quantum nature of nanoparticles, the wave function of the particles must be greatly expanded. I…

Quantum Laser Turns Energy Loss into Gain

The system design leads to the generation of a polariton laser at room temperature, which is exciting because this usual…

Make every photon count with TOPTICA isolators

TOPTICA’s isolators are designed to handle 40 W of optical power and a maximum intensity of

Elegant quantum teleportation with only one single photon

Quantum teleportation therefore does not transfer matter – the atoms remain in their place – but only their stored infor…

A Laser Breakthrough

This research enables semiconductor lasers to be seamlessly integrated with low-loss nonlinear optical micro-resonators



Lightyear’s solar car prototype drives over 440 miles on a single battery charge

The concept of a long-range solar car represents a huge opportunity to change mobility, so you can drive for months without charging

Lightyear’s solar car prototype

Transparent nanolayers for more solar power

Nanostructured material and a new cell design pave the way for the production of silicon solar cells with more than 26 percent efficiency