Photo-induced superconductivity on a chip

Using a visible laser pulse to trigger the switch, they sent a strong electrical current pulse lasting just one picoseco…

Power Technology adds High-brightness editions to its ClearCut laser engine offering

The laser’s unique wavelength of 450 nm is optimized for maximum absorption of copper, gold and silver. This unique opti…

New Multi-Axis Alignment System for Silicon Photonics Automation Applications, from PI

The F-143 alignment system is based on three A-143 air bearing stages in an XYZ configuration. Each axis provides a trav…

Lasers for Multi-wavelength Digital Holography

TOPTICA’s TopMode lasers operate as easily as a HeNe, but also offer higher power and the choice of wavelength. The TopM…

Photonic chips could give drones a lift when GPS is unavailable

Cardenas strives to implement weak value amplification on a tiny photonic chip with a high-quality factor ring resonator



New design solves stability and efficiency of perovskite solar cells

The researchers focused on designing inverted PSCs, which have previously shown promise in terms of operational stability. They introduced a unique

An inverted perovskite solar cell with a new design of hole-selective contacts

Perovskite solar cells invented by NUS scientists set new world record for power conversion efficiency

These novel solar cells achieve an impressive stabilised efficiency of 24.35% - the highest for perovskite solar cells (active area of 1 cm2) to date