Capturing non-transparent ultrafast scenes

In this study, Morandotti’s team exploited the electro-optic sampling technique for THz detection with a carefully desig…

Promising building blocks for photonic quantum simulators

A quantum simulator is a special-purpose computer that simulates quantum systems by processing quantum information

Leaky-wave Metasurfaces: A Perfect Interface Between Free-space and Integrated Optical Systems

Because the devices are so thin, transparent, and compatible with photonic integrated circuits, they can be used to impr…

CCNY researchers use structured light on a chip in another photonics breakthrough

City College of New York researchers have created structured light on a silicon chip, and used this added structure to…

Study reveals new ways for exotic quasiparticles to “relax”

By creating these perovskite sandwiches and stimulating them with laser beams, the researchers were able to directly con…



PolyU researchers achieve record 19.31% efficiency with organic solar cells

This remarkable binary OSC efficiency will help enhance applications of these advanced solar energy devices

Prof. Li Gang invented a novel technique to achieve a breakthrough efficiency with organic solar cell.

Simple semiconductor solutions could boost solar energy generation and enable better space probes

A 'simple' tweak to perovskite solar cells during the fabrication stage could help to unlock the untold potential of the renewable energy source, claims research from the University of Surrey.