The RD-P Remote head Polarity Detector

JGR Optics introduces new RD-P polarity detector

The RD-P Remote head Polarity Detector

The RD-P Remote head Polarity Detector


Ottawa, Ontario, September 19, 2022 – JGR Optics announces today the release of the RD-P Remote head Polarity Detector. Create the ultimate multifiber cable assembly test station by adding the polarity detector to your RL1 and SX1.

It’s never been faster to test your assemblies such as MPO or duplex LC by going straight from polarity to IL/RL without disconnecting your device. It is a significant improvement on the old method of using two switches to confirm polarity. Save on cost, improve on IL/RL accuracy and have more options in test parameters.

The RD-P has a very small form factor and all tests can be performed with the free XN1 Cable Assembly Software.

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