FOCIS Flex connector inspection system

Revolutionary Fiber Optic Inspection Solution Uses Innovative Liquid Lens

FOCIS Flex connector inspection system

FOCIS Flex connector inspection system


Duncan, SC, USA, and Lyon, France, 16th November 2016Varioptic, a business unit of Parrot Drones SAS, and AFL, an industry-leading manufacturer of test equipment, are pleased to announce that AFL’s award-winning FOCIS Flex connector inspection system utilizes Varioptic’s innovative liquid lens technology. Introduced in 2014, FOCIS Flex was the first auto-focus fiber optic connector inspection system in the industry. The inspection system integrates the Varioptic Arctic Variable Focus Liquid Lens designed for applications requiring fast response time and high optical power.

“Varioptic’s liquid lens technology is an important differentiator in AFL’s FOCIS Flex solution,” according to Michael Scholten, senior product marketing manager at AFL. “Since FOCIS Flex is battery powered and typically used in field operation, robustness, low power and compact size provide key benefits compared to motor-driven lenses.”

Recently awarded the Platinum Innovator Award by Cable Installation & Maintenance, the compact, handheld FOCIS Flex provides pass/fail results in seconds, supports independent, untethered operation, transfers results via Bluetooth® to paired OTDRs or Android smart devices, and saves results internally or externally. Uploaded images and pass/fail results may be included in reports prepared using AFL’s Windows®-compatible TRM® 2.0 Test Results Manager software, shipped with each FOCIS Flex. The solution is mainly used in the telecommunications, broadband and enterprise industries.

“We are pleased to partner with AFL, a long-term established player in the field of fiber optic instruments,” mentions Frederic Laune, director of sales and marketing for Varioptic. “The FOCIS Flex is the first autofocus optical fiber inspection system using our technology. We are proud to enable faster and easier inspections for AFL’s customers.”

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About Varioptic
Founded in 2002, Varioptic became a business unit of the Parrot Group in January 2012. Varioptic develops, designs, and markets electrically-controlled miniature optics based on its proprietary and patented programmable liquid lens technology. The technological solutions developed by Varioptic are aimed at a number of markets in the digital camera sector (biometrics, machine vision, general consumer, and medical cameras). For more information, please visit

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