VPIphotonics LinkDesigner

VPIlinkDesigner™ Enabling Link and Network Design and Provisioning

VPIphotonics announces a new product providing an intuitive graphical approach to link design, provisioning and performance assessment; live demos @ OFC 2015

VPIphotonics LinkDesigner

VPIphotonics LinkDesigner


17th of March 2015

VPIphotonics, the leader in optical transmission system and component design software, announces the introduction of VPIlinkDesigner as a replacement for and, more significantly, a tremendous enhancement to the usual tedious manual network design.

While enabling the placement of photonic items such as EDFAs and dispersion compensating elements, VPIlinkDesigner provides performance analysis every step of the way. Thus for each channel, the user obtains an instant calculation of numerous performance metrics, as elements are placed in the design. The collection of metrics far exceeds that of any spreadsheet analysis and includes power, dispersion and OSNR as well as SPM, XPM, FWM and SBS. Macros which assist in various aspects of the design are included, such as equalization, padding and gain setting for EDFAs, placement of OADMs/ROADMs and transceivers, and a tool for creating regeneration points.

VPIlinkDesigner is simple and intuitive, and yet it is well suited to handling everything from a simple point to point link to a network consisting of a collection of interconnected rings. Design topologies such as linear, branched, mesh and rings are all supported. Networks consisting of a large number of nodes and repeater huts are designed in a small fraction of the usual time.

This tool allows the user to build a library of network elements which can be placed by dragging and dropping them into a design. Furthermore, VPIlinkDesigner includes templates for all of the usual optical components that comprise optical networks today, from attenuators to WSS-based ROADMs. Because of the constant changes in optical communications, VPIlinkDesigner is designed to be technology agnostic.

VPIlinkDesigner assists in the complete design process by including built-in tools that create customizable performance reports, as well as bills of material. Users of VPIlinkDesigner who begin to experience greatly increased traffic demand may also require more extensive network simulation. These users will find it easy and seamless to upgrade to the existing VPIlinkConfigurator tool. Both VPIlinkConfigurator and VPIlinkDesigner operate on the same GUI.

About VPIphotonics
VPIphotonics™ sets the industry standard for end-to-end photonic design automation comprising design, analysis and optimization of components, systems and networks.

We provide professional simulation software supporting requirements of active/passive integrated photonics and fiber optics applications, optical transmission system and network applications, as well as cost-optimized equipment configuration.

Our team of experts delivers professional consulting services addressing customer-specific design, analysis and optimization requirements, and provides training courses on adequate modeling techniques and advanced software capabilities.

VPIphotonics’ award-winning off-the-shelf and customized solutions are used extensively in research and development, and by product design and marketing teams at hundreds of corporations worldwide. Over 160 academic institutions joined our University Program enabling students, educators and researchers an easy access to VPIphotonics’ latest modeling and design innovations.

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