Phoenix Photonics introducces a fibre amplifier for few mode fiber spatial division multiplexing applications


December 2014

Phoenix Photonics, the UK-based optical fibre components specialist, has launched a fibre amplifier for few mode fiber (FMF) spatial division multiplexing (SDM) applications. A result of research work with University of Southampton  in the EU supported 7th Framework project MODE-GAP this EDFA range of amplifiers is the first commercially available to provide gain for each of the modes in FMF.

The amplifier is integrated into a 19” rack format with gain control through USB interface. Currently available for 3-mode (LP01, LP11a, LP11b) and 6-mode (LP01, LP11a, LP21a, LP21b, LP02) fiber systems, the amplifier gives more than 20dB gain for each mode over full C-band. The core pumped amplifiers use Erbium doped fibres developed specifically to achieve high performance gain balance between the modes (<4dB differential gain) and fibres are fully compatible with commercially available few mode transmission fibers. Maximum output power is 17dBm and the amplifier has a noise figure better than 6dB.

“It’s been four years in the making and we are excited to offer the world’s first commercial FM-EDFA. The product is based on work carried out by the ORC at Southampton University and incorporates Phoenix Photonics’ fibre components. The collaboration between groups has been very productive and we plan to continue releasing products in this area throughout the coming months,” said Ian Giles, Phoenix CEO.

The amplifier incorporates Phoenix all-fiber components to give compact size and operational stability. The FM-EDFA is the latest addition to Phoenix’s range of FMF products for SDM applications including, multiplexer/demultiplexers and mode converters.

Phoenix has several new products in development to complementits SDM range. More information can be found on the company’s website

About Phoenix Photonics

Phoenix Photonics is a UK based manufacturer and R&D specialist in components and instrumentation for fibre optic technology and applications worldwide. It works primarily in optical fibre test and measurement instrumentation for the telecommunications and sensing industries. Phoenix also supplies university R&D departments and research establishments looking to develop next generation technologies and solutions.

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