Nufern fiber

Nufern Launches Fiber Designed for Optical Coherence Imaging Applications

Nufern fiber

Nufern fiber


EAST GRANBY, CT – May 10, 2013 – Nufern, a leading U.S. manufacturer of specialty optical fibers, fiber lasers and amplifiers and fiber optic gyro coils, announced today it is expanding its line of specialty optical fibers designed for medical applications by releasing the first optical fiber designed specifically for next generation Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) operating at 1060-nm.

Nufern’s 1060-OCT fiber is the first in a series of fibers designed specifically for medical imaging applications.  The 1060-OCT fiber has been designed jointly with customers and manufacturers of OCT equipment and components.  This new fiber has best-in-class specifications, including a dispersion value at 1060-nm with +/- 1 ps/nm-km tolerance, important for OCT components and devices.  In addition, several other parameters including attenuation and geometrical properties have been tightened to provide lower overall system loss and lower splice loss, ultimately improving the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of the OCT system.  Nufern plans to release additional fibers optimized for medical applications over the coming year.

Bryce Samson, Vice President of Business Development, reports, “We continue to work with our customers and expand our product portfolio to meet the growing demands of the fiber industry.  Currently, the specialty optical fiber market for medical applications, especially imaging, is growing rapidly.  Nufern is working with several users of medical imaging technologies to develop the best fibers for specific applications. Our new 1060-OCT fiber is based on our existing select-cutoff optical fibers, but has been optimized, and additional specifications have been developed to ensure the highest performance in the next generation OCT applications.”

In addition to releasing the 1060-OCT fiber, Nufern has, for the first time, published its long list of custom specialty fibers (called FUDs) developed over the last several years for various applications and specific needs.  These fibers are now listed on Nufern’s website and many will become available for general sale for the first time.   All of Nufern’s fibers are manufactured to exceptionally tight mechanical and optical tolerances. The resulting uniformity and efficiency helps to ensure high yield when the fiber is used in device manufacturing. All Nufern fibers are produced under an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system. 

About Nufern
Nufern, based in East Granby, CT, is a leading U.S. manufacturer of fiber laser and amplifier modules and specialty optical fibers serving industrial, military/aerospace, medical and telecom applications.  Nufern is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc., a U.S. company headquartered in Plymouth, MI and Hamburg, Germany.  Rofin-Sinar is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of high-performance lasers and laser-based solutions with more than 28,000 laser units installed worldwide and more than 3,000 customers.  For more information, visit

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