Nufern Introducs Ultra Matched NuMATCH+ Line of Double Clad Fibers




EAST GRANBY, CT –February 4, 2014– Nufern, a leading U.S. manufacturer of specialty optical fibers, fiber lasers and amplifiers, and fiber optic gyro coils, announced today it is further expanding its successful line of NuMATCH™ fibers, with a new line of fibers called NuMATCH+™ or M+. The M+ product line offers >25% tighter tolerance specifications than the matched (M) Nufern fibers and, in an industry first, these also have a defined MFD. These unique features result in a fiber family which exhibits the lowest possible splice loss between active and passive fibers.

Nufern’s first fibers in the ultra-matched NuMATCH+™ family include the Yb-doped 20/400 and 30/250 LMA fibers and their ultra-matched passive fibers. The 20/400-M+ fibers are ideally suited for CW laser applications, especially at higher powers and the 30/250-M+ fibers are optimized for pulsed laser applications. These M+ fiber sets utilize the latest in glass compositions and the tightest mechanical dimension and MFD specifications in the industry. The improved tolerance and tight MFD specification of the M+ fibers facilitates low-loss splice compatibility between active and passive fibers. Using M+ fibers provides the most robust, lowest loss light path through the chain of optical components used in laser and amplifier integration.

George Oulundsen, Product Line Manager for Optical Fibers highlights, “In response to customer feedback on the successful introduction of the NuMATCH™ fiber product line, we have decided to further expand our matched product offerings and launch the M+ line of fibers. These ultra-precision matched fibers improve upon our successful matched (M) fibers by offering tighter tolerance specifications and include a MFD specification for LMA fibers for the first time in the industry. By adding the MFD specification to the M+ fibers we have helped ensure these will offer the best possible performance when it comes to splicing active and passive fibers and we have provided our customers another performance step above our matched (M) fibers.”

About Nufern
Nufern, based in East Granby, CT, is a leading U.S. manufacturer of fiber laser and amplifier modules and specialty optical fibers serving industrial, military/aerospace, medical and telecom applications. Nufern is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc., a U.S. company headquartered in Plymouth, MI and Hamburg, Germany. Rofin-Sinar is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of high-performance lasers and laser-based solutions with more than 28,000 laser units installed worldwide and more than 3,000 customers. For more information, visit

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