iPhysicist new EDFA

iPhysicist announces new Optical amplifier EDFA with remote management

Enable real time information about work channels and full control through the internet

iPhysicist new EDFA

iPhysicist new EDFA


Netanya, Israel – February 02, 2014 – iPhysicist, a top global technological R&D company which specialize in developing electro-optical systems, starting from optical design through production of prototypes to mass production, announces the development of new Optical amplifier EDFA which include advanced internet interface which enables remote management, and full control through the internet. An optical amplifier is a device that amplifies an optical signal directly, without the need to first convert it to an electrical signal. An optical amplifier may be thought of as a laser without an optical cavity, or one in which feedback from the cavity is suppressed. Optical amplifiers are important in optical communication and laser physics. IPhysicist's breakthrough new Optical amplifier enables receiving information in real time about the amplifier state, as well as information about the different work modes of the different channels through the web.

The new EDFA is the newest in the extensive portfolio of optical amplification subsystems offered iPhysicist.

It features easy integrated interface with auxiliary optics such as: VOA, DCM, Mux/Dmux, etc. The EDFA can be fully customized and adapt to customer's requirement, including customer logo on it. Both BA (Booster) and PA (Pre-Amp) are fixed gain EDFA. iPhysicist's engineers have designed them in one module, sharing one electrical control in order to maximize functionality.

BA is 23dBm output. PA is 5dBm output; the design can be extend to 40chs upon customer demand. It has 2 Power supplies (AC / DC inputs) working on load sharing. The communication ports include RS232 and RJ45 port. RS232 is for serial communication, RJ45 is for web, SNMP, CLI, telnet, SSH.

“The Web managed modular remote control EDFA can be a key building block in system and subsystem applications where a compact low power footprint is required, such as ROADMs and 40G Transmitters and Receivers”, said Sharon Sade, CTO at iPhysicist. “Our history of designing optical subsystems has allowed us to shrink the size and power while not compromising quality or performance.”

The new EDFA offers at competitive prices with fast delivery lead time.

For more information about the lens please visit http://www.iphysicist.com to learn more about iPhysicist.

About iPhysicist:
iPhysicist is a top global technological R&D company.
iPhysicist specialize in developing electro-optical systems starting from optical design through production of prototypes to mass production. We are a unique value-added technological company working closely with High-Tech companies, Start-ups, Organizations, Universities and entrepreneurs to achieve their R&D objectives.

iPhysicist interacts with companies at all stages of technological development in the fields of Electro-Optics offering a wide range of technologies and applications to industries such as: Cellular and Mobile, security, automotive, defense, Medical, Space Technology, wafer level optics, Semi-Conductors, Green Energy and other emerging technologies.

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