Machine Vision: new illumination kit for long working distances





Polytec introduces the new, two-part illumination demo and lab kit from the US manufacturer Spectrum Illumination who specialises in lighting for large areas and long working distances.

The attractive kit contains all necessary lighting components for testing new applications in the lab and optimising their illumination. It costs half the total price of the individual components. 

The set for long working distances consists of two cases that can be procured independently of each other. The first case contains eight lights. There is one spot light, four line lights in various colours, sizes and intensities, two back lights for incident and transmitted light applications in two colours and sizes as well as a ring light. The set naturally comes with all required cable and controllers.

The second case contains a dome light with an inner diameter of 180 millimetres and 4-channel RGBW illumination. Other combinations are also available instead of the four light colours, such as two-colour with white and infrared, three-colour in a RGB version or four-colour as RGB plus UV. It is also possible to assign one colour to several channels to achieve a higher light output. The light colours can be selected from nine different wavelengths ranging from infrared to ultraviolet. In addition to illumination tests, this dome light can, for example, be used on test objects with different colours, thereby generating maximum contrast of the test object in a grey image with optimal matching of the lighting colour. 

Polytec offers exclusive consultation, service and sales for all Spectrum Illumination lighting throughout Europe.

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