A cost-Effective beam shaping solution

Polymer on Glass beam shaper

Polymer on Glass beam shaper


June 28, 2020

Holo/Or, the world leader Diffractive Optical Elements manufacturer, is proud to present its brand-new line of products, aimed to the low to medium power-range laser applications – the Polymer on Glass beam shapers.

Polymer on Glass (POG) beam shapers are cost-effective solutions for accurate beam shaping or multi-channel beam splitting. This innovative line of products was developed to provide beam shaping solutions to meet the needs of emerging laser applications which have lately become available thanks to the decrease in laser power density prices.

Holo/Or's POG beam shaping solutions unique material properties, makes them the perfect solutions for various applications including Structured Light or Time of Flight 3D measurements and machine vision, as well as heat treatments for various medical applications.

Material compatibility:

  • LDT > 10 J/cm^2 laser pulses at 8ns, 1064 nm
  • Low angle tolerance < 2%
  • High transparency between 450nm to 1080nm
  • High environmental stability -40 to + 120 deg C, no yellowing in most common use scenarios
  • Reflow soldering compatible at 260 deg C
  • Flat, thin and lightweight components
  • Cost effective, high volume production capabilities
  • Delivery available on wafer, diced or un-diced, and as single parts

Holo/Or, an Israeli based manufacturer, offers a vast variety of diffractive optics products, including multi-channel beam splitters, beam shapers (Top Hat), homogenizers/diffusers, multi-focal, beam samplers, and vortex lenses. Customers around the world use our products for applications in medicine, materials processing, and measurement solutions. 

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