AR display glasses mockup

BAE Systems unveils wearable display technology

Leveraging decades of display excellence to develop new augmented reality glasses

AR display glasses mockup

AR display glasses mockup


Sep 13 2017

BAE Systems is combining its most advanced display, tracking, and sensing technologies to develop a new, augmented reality (AR) wearable display for military and commercial customers. The system will fit comfortably like a normal pair of glasses and use free-space tracking technology to display guidance, targeting, and mission information to the user, along with sensor video.

A conceptual demonstration of the AR ”glasses” was exhibit at the DSEI defense and security trade show in London last week. The company is showcasing the technology in an early development stage to gain feedback from customers, which will ultimately influence the design and capabilities of the final product.

“We’re developing the building blocks needed to create the smallest, brightest, and toughest AR display glasses available,” said Rob Merryweather, director of Strategic Growth at BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems sector in Rochester, U.K. “The next stage will be transitioning that technology into the end products our customers want and need — be it soldiers, commercial pilots, or emergency responders. So far, the feedback has been very positive.”

Military wearable displays available today are typically bulky, heavy, or unadaptable, while commercially available ones are usually large and fragile. BAE Systems’ solution uses its patented waveguide technology, which provides unmatched optical performance and efficiency in a miniaturized, sturdy package.

Experts in moving and controlling light, BAE Systems has 60 years of experience in the design, development, and production of high-integrity displays. Whether head-worn or head-up, the company’s intuitive displays provide users with essential information when and where it’s needed most. BAE Systems continuously invests in display technology and innovation to provide its customers with unparalleled situational awareness — giving them the critical edge they need, no matter the environment.

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