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Innovation Leading a New Era in Industrial Cameras

OPT Industrial Cameras: focus on Intelligence, Miniaturization, and Integration

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Photo credit: OPT



In the core components of machine vision, industrial cameras have become a strategic focal point pursued by major vision manufacturers due to their solid technical barriers, rapid technological iterations, and strong market demand.

Over 18 years, OPT has not only accumulated profound technical strength and extensive customer resources but also enhanced its R&D and production capabilities through the construction and commissioning of multiple industrial parks. This has shortened customer delivery cycles and established a global sales network covering more than 20 countries and regions. Today, OPT leads the industry in all aspects of R&D, production, sales, and service for industrial cameras.

Over 200 Product Models to Fully Meet Diverse Customer Needs:

OPT industrial cameras come in a full range of specifications with more than 200 product models. This extensive product line ensures OPT industrial

cameras are widely applicable in the market, capable of meeting diverse needs across various industries and customers, whether requiring high resolution, high frame rate, or large field of view scenarios. OPT provides suitable solutions, gaining broad market recognition.

From area scan cameras and line scan cameras to frame grabbers, from 2D cameras to 3D sensors, OPT maintains a disruptive innovation iteration capability. The resolution of area scan cameras ranges from 300,000 to 150 million pixels, while line scan cameras range from 2K to 16K resolution, covering a wide spectral range including visible light and shortwave infrared, continuously leading the industry in technological advancements.

Leveraging advanced talent strategies and resources such as R&D centers and PhD stations, OPT closely aligns with market demands to continually expand product breadth. They have successively launched industrial cameras and supporting frame grabbers with different data interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, Camera Link, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and CXP.

Drawing on extensive experience in the machine vision field, the OPT R&D team delves into core underlying technologies, exploring circuit design, power noise, sensor chip imaging correction, data transmission, and anti-interference technologies. They have successfully achieved triple breakthroughs in high-quality imaging, high transmission efficiency, and low power consumption, continuously driving the intelligent innovation and upgrade of industrial cameras to meet the growing market demand.

Advanced ISP Algorithms for Comprehensive Image Quality Optimization:
OPT industrial cameras use high-quality imaging chips characterized by high dynamics, high sensitivity, and low noise. Addressing imaging issues caused by external environmental interference and lens or sensor physical defects, OPT cameras integrate various ISP algorithms such as bad pixel correction, sharpening, noise reduction, FFC, lens shading correction, white balance, Gamma, and CCM, enhancing image quality comprehensively.

Lossless Data Compression Transmission with Distances Up to 300 Meters:
OPT's XG series cameras utilize innovative 10 Gigabit Ethernet combined with SFP+ optical module transmission technology, offering transmission bandwidth ten times that of Gigabit Ethernet. With lossless compression transmission algorithms, OPT has significantly improved data transmission speed, supporting line rates of up to 149 KHz at 8K resolution. Moreover, fiber optic connections enable transmission distances of over 300 meters, fully meeting the needs of fast production line inspections.

Multiple Cooling Methods, Reducing Power Consumption by Over 20%: To address high power consumption and heat noise issues, OPT cameras offer various cooling methods such as fan cooling, water cooling, and TEC active
cooling. Additionally, OPT has launched a new generation of products with hardware iteration upgrades, code refactoring, and low power consumption platforms, reducing power consumption by more than 20% compared to the previous generation, effectively reducing camera thermal noise and significantly improving image signal-to-noise ratio.

FPGA Edge Computing for Advanced Intelligence: OPT's 10 Gigabit Ethernet line scan cameras integrate FPGA edge computing technology, enabling real-time image pre-processing and target detection. Algorithms such as binarization, filtering, morphology, edge detection, and Blob analysis significantly enhance system inspection speed and reduce PC-end processing load. Additionally, they support time-division flash technology, obtaining four different light source images in a single scan, reducing camera stations and lowering vision solution costs.

Photo credit: OPT
Photo credit: OPT

Daily Production Capacity of 5,000 Units, Continuously Improving Order Fulfillment Capability:

As market demand continues to rise and customer orders pour in, the pace of construction for OPT's new industrial parks is accelerating. In 2023, OPT's headquarters machine vision industrial park in Chang'an, Dongguan, officially went into production, while the construction of the Suzhou machine vision industrial park is also in full swing. While committed to technological innovation, OPT understands the importance of production capacity and delivery, thus focusing on creating a lean production management system. From scheduling and production to warehousing, quality management, and equipment maintenance, OPT emphasizes the digital and intelligent upgrade of production processes.

With comprehensive support from advanced AGV, WMS, MES, and MRP systems, OPT's intelligent factory has successfully achieved full coverage of digital scenarios, ensuring real-time data collection and monitoring of production sites and logistics. Additionally, we have specially set up an integrated testing system and an automatic sensor contamination detection system, strictly controlling material and process details to continuously optimize key indicators such as quality, cost, and delivery.

Over 30 Industry Customizations, 53,000 Customer Customization Cases:

OPT industrial cameras have shown significant technical advantages in various industries, especially in the semiconductor, automotive manufacturing, and lithium battery industries.

In the semiconductor industry, OPT industrial cameras, with high imaging quality, strong stability, broad adaptability, and easy maintenance, have become key tools for vision inspection, effectively improving product quality and production efficiency. In automotive manufacturing, OPT camera systems, with high-precision measurement and positioning functions, quick response, and high stability, have become indispensable core components of automotive production lines. In the lithium battery industry, OPT industrial cameras are widely used in both the pre-process and post-process of lithium batteries, whether line scan cameras, area scan cameras, or 3D cameras, meeting diverse needs.

OPT has provided over 32,000 non-standard customization solutions and more than 53,000 industrial application cases to customers over long-term service. In 2023 alone, OPT provided over 39,000 technical services and
successfully created 22,900 optical imaging solutions. OPT always maintains a deep understanding and keen insight into customers' production and

manufacturing processes, offering professional and customized solutions based on specific customer needs and challenges.

Photo credit: OPT
Photo credit: OPT

Chosen by 15,000 Customers Worldwide Across 20+ Countries and Regions:

As the core component of vision systems, apart from solid products, understanding market user needs, enhancing pre-sales service capabilities, and establishing a complete after-sales service system are also key to gaining a competitive edge in the market for camera manufacturers.

OPT understands this well, and thus actively sets up subsidiaries and offices globally, including in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, India, Vietnam, the United States, and Germany. Meanwhile, we have established close partnerships with partners in countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, and Singapore to jointly provide quality products and services to customers.

OPT is committed to deeply integrating with customers'; production lines, accurately grasping customer needs and pain points, and winning customer satisfaction and trust through excellent products and efficient service responses. According to Industry Control Network, market customers

generally give satisfactory evaluations to OPT industrial cameras, with top enterprises in multiple industries becoming strategic partners with OPT. OPT industrial cameras have maintained high sales growth for many consecutive years. We have reason to believe that in the near future, OPT will bring us more remarkable surprises.

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