Photo credit: FRAMOS

FRAMOS announces a new strategic partnership with RidgeRun to deliver cutting-edge vision solutions

Photo credit: FRAMOS

Photo credit: FRAMOS


Munich, 06.03.2024 - FRAMOS a leading imaging company, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with software-only company Ridge Run.  

RidgeRun is a software-only company focused on embedded software development for multiple System on Chips. RidgeRun has more than 20 years of experience in Video and Audio solutions, from Linux driver development to Application development, Computer Vision algorithms, and AI model architecture, deployment, and optimization. RidgeRun works as an extension of the customer’s engineering team, speeding the product’s time to market, and bringing high-end solutions to customers’ video and audio processing pipelines.  

The strategic partnership between RidgeRun and FRAMOS will become a key collaboration for customers seeking high-end vision solutions.

FRAMOS’ optical sensor modules offerings and RidgeRun’s video processing software products and services can be used together to deliver advanced imaging applications in industries such as automotive, industrial automation, and consumer electronics.  

This partnership empowers customers with seamless integration between hardware and software components, ensuring optimized performance and accelerated time-to-market. By combining FRAMOS’ optical sensor modules with RidgeRun’s software solutions, customers can harness the full potential of their vision systems, achieving superior image quality, enhanced functionality, and greater efficiency.

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