NSC1201-SI, global shutter VGA InGaAs sensor

global shutter VGA InGaAs sensor

NSC1201-SI, global shutter VGA InGaAs sensor


December 3, 2014

NIT is pleased to announce the launch of its new WDR dynamic range global shutter VGA InGaAs sensor.

This 640x512 pixels SWIR sensor (900-1700 nm) with 15 µm pixels pitch offers 140 dB dynamic with frame rate up to 200 fps thanks to its high frequency clock in TECless mode.

Its key features encompass ITR and IWR mode, double correlated sampling and allow user to set exposure time from µs up to full frame time.

Ideal for rapid moving objects or scene, this sensor will be particularly adapted for application such as pharmaceutical, food and agricultural, semiconductor, laser process and active vision.

Available in WiDy SWIR camera.

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