HD Video Flight with Intelligent Camera

VRmagic expands their OEM interface board portfolio with a SATA interface offering

The VRmCUEOS3 OEM interface board

The VRmCUEOS3 OEM interface board


October 14, 2014

Applications with limited space for camera hardware and an appetite for storage capacity can now be realized with VRmagic’s new OEM interface board. The VRmCUEOS3 OEM interface board provides a SATA interface that achieves transfer rates up to 3.0 Gb/s. An external 2.5” Solid State Drive can be connected to this interface without the need for an external power supply. Cable lengths up to one meter are possible.

The VRmCUEOS3 features miniature connectors for all interfaces.  The 43 x 43 x 11.3 mm form factor and 14.5 gram weight yield a high degree of functionality with an extremely small footprint. “The combination of compact design, low weight, and external SSD storage turn the intelligent D3 camera into a flying video recorder. We have received many requests for this feature, especially from the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) market” says Oliver Menken, Director VRmagic Imaging. “We are pleased to offer the lightest, most compact and versatile intelligent camera platform available for UAVs today.”

The interface board is compatible with all intelligent cameras of the D3 generation. The freely-programmable, Linux-based cameras are available in multi-sensor, remote-sensor, and single-sensor camera configurations.

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