Packaging industry: quick and reliable detection of printing marks and coloured labels

SensoPart's new RGB colour sensor FT 25-C

SensoPart's new RGB colour sensor FT 25-C


August 21, 2013

New miniature colour sensor joins the F 25 miniature sensor family from SensoPart Industriesensorik: the new RGB colour sensor FT 25-C is currently the smallest and fastest cubic colour sensor on the market.

Typical applications of the FT 25-C miniature colour sensor include recognition of printing marks on packaging material and detection of labels or adhesive spots in packaging and labelling machines as well as lid detection in filling plants.

Measuring just 34 x 20 x 12 mm3 with a switching frequency of up to 10 kHz, the RGB colour sensor FT 25-C is designed for fast automation processes, such as detection of printing marks on packaging materials. The sensor reliably detects even the subtlest nuances in colour as well as “non-colours” such as black, white and grey. The FT 25-C offers much greater process stability than contrast sensors in applications with little contrast between marks and their background and with shiny or reflective material surfaces, with unparalleled switching speed.

The narrow light spot (1 x 5 mm²) with a sharp contour enables accurate front edge detection of very fine printing marks and also simplifies sensor alignment. A “speaking” light spot informs the user of the stability of the colour detection process, i.e. the emitter LED flashes green, blue or red according to the quality of the taught colour value. Set-up is carried out either via the “teach-in” key or through the external control cable.

The FT 25-C is equipped with a hermetically sealed (IP 69K & IP 67), glass-fibre reinforced plastic housing, a very robust M8 metal connector plug and metal-reinforced mounting holes. The sensor can also be very easily mounted and adjusted in tight spaces with the aid of a patented dovetail mounting system.

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