ISG Announces New LightWise™ IQ Camera Family

The camera family supports Dual GigE Vision. Optionally, under contract it can support the new CoaXpress interface

 IQ Camera

IQ Camera


June 24, 2013

The LightWise™ IQ Camera Family will support the Truesense Imaging (Kodak) KAI CCD family.  Available now are the 16Mp camera (7.4 micron pixel – KAI-16070) and the 29Mp (5.5 micron pixel – KAI-29050) camera. 

The cameras have a high-performance Linux CPU and a large FPGA.  External triggering and strobe functions are integrated along with a NTSC/PAL Composite Video Input, RS-232, (2) USB2 interfaces & plenty of on-board memory.  “A very low-noise analog front-end and the Truesense Imaging CCD’s will offer stellar image quality,” according to Kerry Van Iseghem, Co-Founder at Imaging Solutions Group.

The Imaging Solutions Group offers many different custom camera platforms offering a wide variety of interfaces, functions and programmability. This family is the 3rd generation of an ISG custom camera platform.  ISG’s method of providing custom camera platforms enables customers to get to market quickly and cost effectively.  This new LightWise™ IQ Camera Family is one example of this method.  ISG’s customers have been using such platforms to program advanced imaging algorithms in C++ and run them on a high-performance Linux CPU. The FPGA is available for optimizing functions for speed when needed. This ISG method offers easy customization for many application areas including video analytic capabilities.”  The Lightwise™ IQ Camera Family finds uses in traditional machine vision, Traffic, Security & Surveillance and other government and military applications.

About Imaging Solutions Group of New York, Inc.:
Imaging Solutions Group, a privately held NY Company, is the leader in the design and manufacture of high-resolution intelligent machine vision and custom designed cameras. With over 24 years of video design experience, the Imaging Solutions Group product design team has accumulated an impressive array of intellectual property that they use to rapidly develop new products. Imaging Solutions Group is located in the Rochester, NY suburb of Fairport, NY in the Finger Lakes Region of NY. For more information visit Imaging Solutions Group website at http://www.ISGCameras.com/ for data sheets, sample images and pricing.