Industrial Lenses with M42: Industrial Lenses from ZEISS with New Mount

ZF industrial lenses with M42 screw mount now available

ZEISS industrial lens with M42 screw mount

ZEISS industrial lens with M42 screw mount (Z-M42-I)


OBERKOCHEN/Germany, 25.06.2013.
In the past, ZF industrial lenses from ZEISS were available almost exclusively with the F-mount, which is very prevalent across the industry. Now, these lenses are also available with the industrial M42 screw mount (Z-M42-I) without diaphragm function –  based on the ZF lenses with manual focus and aperture setting.

The M42 screw mount offers advantages over the F-mount for certain industrial applications, in particular when it comes to high precision. For example, the greater rigidity of the M42 screw mount pays dividends in photogrammetry in the near or far range. In addition, the M42 thread is far more universal.

As presented at VISION 2012 in Stuttgart, all 13 ZF industrial lenses – from the Distagon T* 2.8/15 mm to the Apo Sonnar T* 2/135 mm – with M42 screw mount (Z-M42-I) are now available for cameras with large area sensors (36x24 millimeters) or line sensors (up to 43 millimeters).

The three lenses optimized for infrared (ZF-IR) with focal lengths of 25, 50 and 85 millimeters are also available with the M42 screw mount (Z-M42-IR).

All ZF industrial lenses excel due to their robust design in metal and their locating screws for aperture and focus. Together with their optical qualities such as imaging quality and color fidelity, these key features equip the lenses for harsh industrial applications, such as on high-speed cameras or in facilities for parts and quantity inspection.

The industrial lenses are sold through the established specialist companies for industrial image processing. A list of the sales partners is available on the ZEISS website (www.zeiss.com/lenses4industry). Prices on request.