FRAMOS adds the entire Datalogic machine vision programme to its portfolio

Datalogic products

Datalogic products


October 10, 2013

FRAMOS and Datalogic, two leading companies in their respective fields, (FRAMOS in the area of image processing and Datalogic in automation technology) linked up in September 2013 to form a strong pan-European alliance. System integrators and OEMs can now approach FRAMOS for access to the portfolio of smart cameras, vision sensors and industrial image processing PCs from Datalogic Automation, which is already very well established in the USA and Asia. These products are based on standard software for the graphic programming of image processing systems and come with an impressive range of functions, state-of-the-art technology, simple operation and an attractive price-performance ratio.

“The programming of image processing systems must be made simpler!” This demand is expressed every year by the participants in the FRAMOS market survey to the question “What needs to happen for you to significantly increase your turnover?”

Datalogic, the global player in automation technology, has now come up with the solution. All of its vision sensors, smart cameras and PCs designed for image processing tasks can be programmed using a graphic programming interface called IMPACT. Without any knowledge of classic programming languages such as C, C++ or Java, users can make use of a wealth of basic image processing steps, configure them in depth at the click of a mouse and use them to create and run complex image analysis algorithms in the simple way they’ve been asking for.

Dr. Ronald Müller, Head of Product Marketing at FRAMOS, is convinced: “Our market analysis has shown that customers in Europe have a considerable need for easy-to-programme, efficient but affordable smart cameras, vision sensors and vision processors. We can now readily satisfy this demand with Datalogic products.”

With immediate effect, the FRAMOS Group will offer the A20, A30, T2x and T4x camera series to the market via its network in Germany and abroad.

The A20 and A30 series are especially affordable smart cameras with a wide range of applications, from comparatively simple object recognition to highly complex image analysis procedures.

Both camera series have a housing angled at 90° and are equipped with integrated I/Os and a Gigabit Ethernet interface.

The A20 series is based on a WVGA (752 x 484) monochrome sensor. The A30 series offers a VGA (640 x 480) monochrome sensor as well as a sturdy housing of protection rating IP67, e.g. for industrial production plants.

The T2x and T4x series are independent, all-purpose machine vision systems with a GigE Vision® interface for making a standardised hardware and software connection. This series offers outstandingly flexible programming thanks to the integrated IMPACT software.

The T2x series is an intelligent camera in the mid-range performance class, with monochrome and colour sensors in resolutions from VGA up to 2 megapixels. It is available in both classic and 90° angled design. The new high-performance cameras of the T4x series, with compact, industry-appropriate housing of protection rating IP67, deliver maximum functionality and processing speed with image resolutions from VGA up to 5 megapixels. They offer versatile digital inputs and outputs and are compatible with the Datalogic CBS connection box.

“The Machine Vision area is of central importance to our global growth,” says Donato Montanari, who is responsible for the area of image processing at Datalogic Automation. “We are investing massively in the further development of new, high-performance smart cameras and the ongoing expansion of the IMPACT software library. In America and Asia, Datalogic already set the standard in many application areas. We are happy to have secured FRAMOS as one of the strongest sales partners in the European image processing industry and are already seeing the first signs of success of this collaboration.”

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