Brand New QI Flash Control I from SQB GmbH

2-channel strobe / flash control with USB interface for industrial image processing applications

QI Flash Control I

QI Flash Control I


September 27, 2013

The image acquisition of high speed dynamic manufacturing processes places big demands on lighting hardware. To reduce the influence of ambient light and image blur effects during the image acquisition of fast moving objects it is necessary to use a camera with synchronized strobe lighting.

The QI Flash Control I with two independent trigger inputs and corresponding output channels provides up to 9A per channel with a pulse rate down to 10µs, a time resolution of 10 µs and current resolution of flash pulses of 10 mA. Configuration can be carried out either via the USB2.0 interface or manually using the buttons and 2-line segment display on the device. For heavy-duty use, the device is available with a matching heat sink.

“The important benefit,” explains Steffen Lübbecke, Managing Director of Steinbeis Qualitätssicherung und Bildverarbeitung GmbH (SQB GmbH) “lies in combining flexible and simple operation with high reliability in the manufacturing environment.”

The QI Flash Control I provides protection against fluctuating ambient light and produces optimum results for the illumination of fast moving industrial processes during image acquisition. Depending on the camera model the exposure time can be effectively reduced to a few μ-seconds, thus avoiding blurred images of the target object.

Product Features:
-       Compact and flexible design for your lighting applications
-       Operation includes flash and continuous modes
-       2 channel with USB interface
-       Quick and easy adjustment to your lighting environment by configuration of delay time, lighting duration and current via USB interface or input buttons
-       Opto-decoupled, simultaneous asynchrone trigger inputs for synchronization with the camera
-       Mounting set for rail installation (optional)
-       Heat sink for high operating demands (optional)
-       Self-trigger function


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