Photo of the CK1100

Power Technology expands high-power portfolio with new 630 nm laser wavelength

Photo of the CK1100

Photo of the CK1100 (630-1200).


Little Rock  Jan. 26, 2024  Power Technology is expanding its portfolio with a new high-power 630 nm wavelength laser module to its lineup. With its 1200mW output power, the new CK1100(630-1200) laser module's unique wavelength provides versatility in a variety of medical and healthcare applications, particularly in photodynamic therapy (PDT) and photoimmunotherapy (PIT).

"As we continue to evolve our CK series of lasers, we are pleased to offer this unique wavelength to our portfolio," said Walter Burgess, co-CEO of Power Technology. "There are exciting opportunities in the PDT and PIT areas of the healthcare industry and this new laser module offers an excellent 630 nm wavelength to facilitate many of those applications."

The CK1100(630-1200) offers a 1.4x4.5mm collimated beam that delivers quality essential for detailed and sensitive tasks. Operating efficiently with a 5V input and a maximum current of 2.5 Amps, this laser module combines performance with energy optimization.

This is the latest innovation in a series of CK lasers designed and manufactured by Power Technology. The CK series provides wavelength and output stability and superior optical quality In addition, CK lasers can operate at wide temperature ranges.

About Power Technology, Inc.
Power Technology, Inc., established in 1969, is a leading manufacturer of lasers for OEM cinema, analytical, biomedical, industrial, semiconductor inspection, defense & security, and machine vision applications. 

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