Photo credit: Excelitas

Excelitas Debuts LINOS Low Outgassing UV F-Theta Ronar Lens for 340 nm-360 nm Wavelength Range

New Off-the-Shelf UV F-Theta Lens Features Optimized Low Outgassing, Stainless Steel Design for UV Laser Material Processing Applications

Photo credit: Excelitas

Photo credit: Excelitas


WALTHAM, Mass., April 11, 2024 – Excelitas Technologies Corp., a leading industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions, today announced the low outgassing LINOS® UV F-Theta Ronar Lens for the 340 nm-360 nm wavelength range. As the first off-the-shelf UV F-Theta lens on the market with a low outgassing, stainless steel design, the new lens offers much higher durability than conventional products, processing higher UV pulse energies and shorter laser pulses for laser material processing applications in the semiconductor, wafer processing and electronic display industries.

The unique UV construction of the low outgassing UV lens includes a high-grade fused-silica lens material and stainless-steel housing, combined with a high-end broadband lens coating to achieve excellent optical performance. Furthermore, the lens design features optimized and minimized back reflections to avoid destruction of scanner mirrors. The packaging and dust cap materials of the lens also enable the delivery of low outgassing properties.

Key product attributes include:

Low outgassing design, production and assembly minimizes contamination in sensitive UV processes and extends service life due to reduced contaminants in the lens.
Useable in high-end UV laser applications, such as semiconductor fabrication, flat panel display and solar cell manufacturing.
Optimized design for UV wavelengths and high-end broadband coating for 340 nm-360 nm accommodates laser types, including disk, fiber and DSSP lasers, as well as wafer dicing, annealing and solar cell processing applications.
Ability to handle higher power (up to 100W) and short pulses (≥ 500 femtosec) enables cold laser processes and minimizes heat affected zone (HAZ) for improved precision laser processing.
Leading-edge production processes ensure minimal outgassing and long-term optical stability.
Back reflection optimization minimizes scanner mirror damage and extends life.

“We are pleased to introduce the low outgassing UV F-Theta Ronar Lens for the 340 nm-360 nm wavelength range as the latest addition to our extensive line of LINOS F-Theta-Ronar lenses for laser material processing. In addition to offering outstanding durability due to its frame material, we’ve significantly reduced auxiliary materials and improved clean assembly processes, making the lens ideal for a wide range of UV laser applications,” said Matthias Koppitz, application engineer at Excelitas.

The low outgassing LINOS UV F-Theta Ronar Lens for the 340 nm-360 nm wavelength range is an ideal match for the low outgassing LINOS UV Beam Expander 1x-4x for the 340 nm-360 nm wavelength range.

For applications that do not require low outgassing efforts, the low outgassing LINOS UV F-Theta Ronar Lens for the 340 nm-360 nm wavelength range is also available in a cost-optimized and colorless aluminum version.

Excelitas will display the new low outgassing UV F-Theta Ronar Lens from April 17 - 19, 2024 at AKL 2024 Booth #8 in Aachen, Germany. For additional information, visit

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