Peacock XT 355


Peacock XT 355

Peacock XT 355


LUMIBIRD and GWU reinforce once again their partnership with the release of the Peacock XT 355, the latest addition in a series of Optical Parametric Oscillators and pump lasers, integrated on a single platform.

19 June 2023

The new model of the Peacock series includes a Q-smart-type Nd:YAG laser pumping a state-of-the-art OPO. The whole unit is integrated in a single bench, which can easily be inserted into a complex system. It is the perfect synthesis for all users who want to get a tunable nanosecond pulsed laser source in the visible and near infrared.

With its fully automated wavelength selection, real-time output energy control or laser beam shaping capability, the Peacock XT has an outstanding versatility and will be suitable for all types of environments.

The Peacock XT integrates all the features that have made Lumibird products so famous around the world. Compactness, robustness, reliability, ease of use... have been the key factors in its development and make it the ideal tool for users who are looking for a high-quality laser for demanding applications in the medical, biotechnology or spectroscopy fields.

"The Peacock XT 355 reflects the joint commitment of Lumibird and GWU to provide a highly technical, easy-to-use product" comments Gérard Le Cam, Sales Director of the Photonics Division of the Lumibird Group."Our customers expect us to provide tools that interface easily with their installation, that operate safely and that are easy to forget. These new lasers fit perfectly with Lumibird's philosophy of making products that become everyday partners for all industrial and laboratory applications."

Key features:

  • Tunability from 405 nm to 2850 nm
  • 355 nm pumping for extended VIS-NIR tuning
  • Mid-band (MB) or broadband (BB) linewidth available
  • Real-time output energy control
  • Fully automated for hands-free operation
  • Fast shot-to-shot wavelength tuning across the entire range

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