Photo credit: Spectrolight, Inc.

New FWS tunable range for the Supercontiuum laser

Photo credit: Spectrolight, Inc.

Photo credit: Spectrolight, Inc.


Oct 6, 2022

Spectrolight has upgraded it's Flexible Wavelength Selector spectral range to an impressive 255 – 1650 nm. This wide spectral range can cover from the UV to the NIR with ± 0.5 nm accuracy (nominal).

Spectrolight has also announced the latest FWS model that specifically targets the supercontinuum laser range (385 - 1015 nm). This new model covers the spectral range of most supercontinuum lasers in the market, allowing simple software control via USB connection. Along with the extended tunable range, Spectrolight has updated its software to provide the most user-friendly interface.

Flexible Wavelength Selector

The Flexible Wavelength Selector is a unique compact optomechanical device that utilizes Spectrolight’s patented TwinFilmTM technology to deliver precise wavelength tuning and adjustable bandwidth along with the imaging advantages of a circular aperture filter.

Key product advantages:

- Wide tuning range : 255 – 1650 nm
- Bandwidth adjustment (FWHM) : 3 – 15 nm
- Center wavelength accuracy : ± 0.5 nm (nominal)
- High transmission : > 75%
- High out of band rejection : 10-6
- Compact size : 170x129x200 mm

Spectrolight, based in Irvine, CA, produces optical and optomechanical components for manipulating, generating and detecting light, primarily aimed at applications in microscopy, machine vision, hyperspectral imaging and general research. Founded by a group of scientists and engineers who had often experienced frustration with the limitations of commercially available photonic devices and components, this team set out to deliver cost-effective photonic tools that offer better functionality, greater ease of use, and superior reliability and lifetime - with the simple philosophy of “Light Done Right.”

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