BLOOM LASERS: Aquitaine’s new industrial laser company




Bordeaux, June 08th of 2022 - Funded in September 2021, following the ALIENOR collaborative project, the nascent and promising start-up BLOOM LASERS innovates in the design of industrial lasers and brings value to a growing market.

The co-founders team of BLOOM Lasers, led by Julien SABY, formerly involved in the ALIENOR collaborative project, launched the start-up which combines both a unique proficiency in the design and manufacturing of industrial lasers and a mature and reliable technology. In the field of photonics and optical technologies, BLOOM already offers two agile UV nanosecond models for laser micromachining: YUCCA and CAREX. BLOOM will address micro-electronics market driven by future technologies (5G, portable medical devices, electric cars, mobile telephony) as well as the energy sector, such as the manufacturing of batteries and photovoltaic panels. Based on proven technology BLOOM has developed a competitive, agile laser source capable of generating unparalleled power. This new company thus brings added value to its customers by increasing competitiveness in their market through processing quality improvements and productivity gains for the manufacturing of micro-electronic components, batteries, glass or solar powered devices.

The lasers have unparalleled performance:

• High repetition rates, high-power, short pulses, ideal for industrial high throughput requirements.

• A proven design and technology which are already being adopted by manufacturers in the microelectronics sector.

• Expertise in industrial design, reliability and maintenance that meets most demanding industrial expectations.

• Temporal agility that offers better control of the quality of laser micromachining processes.

• Industrial quality and reliability of the UV conversion module with lifetime of up to 30,000 hours.

Located in Pessac, city of Photonics, BLOOM gathers 7 experts who have world-class know-how in fiber laser technology, UV conversion, and standardization of industrial applications. BLOOM is positioned as a manufacturer of robust and reliable lasers capable of meeting the most demanding industrial reliability constraints.

ALPhANOV supported BLOOM LASERS team throughout 2020 and 2021 via ALIENOR project, funded by the Regional Council of New Aquitaine., ALPhANOV offered a suitable framework for the development of ALIENOR team as well as technical R&D resources: optical, electronics, and mechanical engineers.


Founded in 2021, BLOOM LASERS was created by a team of 6 experts with advanced proficiency in fiber lasers, UV generation, sales and marketing, quality and reliability and manufacturing in volume for industrial applications.

Thanks to sophisticated and field-proven technologies, BLOOM develops and manufactures industrial-grade, robust and reliable lasers that benefit from the advantages of fiber technology: beam quality and stability, scalability, ease of use, ease of maintenance and low cost of ownership.


Established in 2007, ALPhANOV is the optics and lasers technology center of the ALPHA-Route des Lasers & des Hyperfréquences cluster. It acts as a technology transfer accelerator and uses its expertise and know-how to serve innovative projects with industrial target short and mid-terms. It offers multiple modes of action which enable it to act all along the value chain. Its fields of expertise include laser processes and micromachining, laser sources and fiber components, laser and optical systems and health applications of photonics.

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