New desktop lasers for laboratory and science

With the new “LaserNest” desktop lasers, laser- and LED specialist Omicron provides higher flexibility and usability of diode lasers within laboratories.




Rodgau, March 17, 2021 – The new laser systems developed by Omicron called “LaserNest” are a symbiosis of the proven LuxX+ diode lasers and a desktop housing. This combination is an easy to use plug & play laser light source for science and research.

Fast Modulation
The innovative high-performance systems are equipped with one laser module with wavelengths from the UV to the near IR range. The “LaserNest” offers fast analogue intensity modulation with up to 3MHz and fast digital modulation with up to 250MHz. An additional electronic shutter function provides complete on/off modulation with a switching time of <1µs and frequencies up to 500kHz.The light output can be either single-mode (PM) fibres, multi-mode fibres or liquid light guides.

Optimal Configuration
The LuxX+ laser modules within the “LaserNest” are available with up to 500 milliwatt of optical output power and more than 30 different wavelengths between 375 and 1550nm. Optional clean-up filters and a fail-safe laser safety shutter can be directly installed in the system to adapt the “LaserNest” systems to the customer’s application and safety requirements. Modulation inputs with software-selectable voltage ranges and impedance ensure easy interfacing to external devices like cameras, microscopes or DAC cards.

The device can be conveniently controlled via the integrated USB-2.0 interface by the included software „Omicron Control Center“ or third party software. Typical applications include microscopy, fluorescence analysis and the use as a light source in analytical processes.

The new “LaserNest” systems are already available. Further information on Omicron laser products can be found at www.omicron-laser.de.

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