Measurements at the quantum limit with TOPTICA's new CTL 900

Covering the 900 nm region with wide mode-hop-free tuning

CTL 900

CTL 900


October 2021 - Lasers of TOPTICA’s CTL product family are made to be ideal tools for exciting micro-cavities or quantum dots, for pumping micro combs, as well as for component testing and spectroscopy. 

Their most important property is providing wide and continuous tunability without any mode-hops. They have high power, a narrow linewidth and low drift. Scans can be performed with highest resolution. This unique combination of features makes them outstanding in their field and enables researchers to perform measurements at the quantum limit.

Mode-hops are prevented by an innovative opto-mechanical design (patent US9960569B2) together with an active feedback loop called SMILE (Single Mode Intelligent Loop Engine) that keeps the laser on the same mode at all times. With the fully digital, low noise and drift DLC pro controller, the CTL laser is easy to use and operate via touch-screen and knobs as well as remotely via PC GUI and command language (Python SDK). A test system mode can characterize components or record spectra.

A new family member: CTL 900

The latest addition to this family is called CTL 900. It is tunable between 880 nm and 950 nm. The long-awaited wavelength range is especially useful for resonantly exciting quantum dots, for spectroscopy or addressing e.g. rare earth ions or the Caesium D1 line.

The production has already started and the first devices are performing to set a new standard in the lab. Please contact us to apply for a CTL 900 for your application. We are starting cooperations to enable pioneering science in this wavelength range.

Measurements at the quantum limit

  • Wide mode-hop-free tuning (up to 120 nm)
  • Available at wavelengths between 880 nm and 1630 nm
  • High resolution (down to kHz level)
  • Perform measurements at the (quantum) limit with low noise & drift (linewidth < 10 kHz)
  • User friendly control panel and remote control

For details please go to www.toptica.com/continuous

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