High-end Lasers for Science and Industry at BiOS & Photonics West 2020

Due to its industrial-grade, passively-cooled design and the detachable, compact laser head, the FemtoFiber vario 1030 is an excellent fit for OEM integrators.

Due to its industrial-grade, passively-cooled design and the detachable, compact laser head, the FemtoFiber vario 1030 is an excellent fit for OEM integrators.


January 29th, 2020

TOPTICA Photonics will display their latest laser systems for scientific and industrial applications at Photonics West in San Francisco from February 4-6, booth #3209. Dedicated laser solutions for biophotonics will be shown at the BiOS Expo February 1-2, booth #8209.

Femtosecond Fiber Lasers optimized for 2-Photon Microscopy
In 2-photon microscopy, peak-power is brightness. If you care for the best image brightness, you need short pulses, high power, and most importantly a clean temporal pulse shape.

With more than sufficient output power, shortest pulses, and our unique Clean-Pulse Technology, the FemtoFiber ultra 920 features the highest relative peak power and enables unmatched brightness in 2-photon microscopy without unwanted heating of the sample.

Turn-key and intuitive operation, fully-integrated group-delay dispersion compensation (GDD up to -40,000 fs2) and build-in power control (optional AOM with more than 1 MHz modulation bandwidth) make the system extremely user-friendly and allows you to focus on your research!

Continuously Tunable Laser (CTL) with built-In Test System
The CTL offers mode-hop free tuning up to 120 nm and wavelengths between 910 and 1630 nm. With its narrow linewidth and small step size, it allows scans with extremely high resolution.

With the latest firmware, its inputs can be used for recording spectra or photo diode signals with up to 5 million points per scan – all controlled from within an intuitive touch user interface, or from a PC.

The CTL enables quantum technology experiments that were previously not possible with ECDLs. Mode-hop-free tuning lasers are important for applications like micro-cavities, quantum dots, molecular spectroscopy and component testing.

Difference Frequency Comb (DFC):
Now with comb spacing of 200 MHz
TOPTICA’s high-performance frequency comb DFC CORE + is now available with a comb spacing of 200 MHz. The DFC CORE + is ideal for applications like optical clocks, precision microwave generation or phase-locking of cw-lasers. Its unique fCEO-stabilization is based on Difference Frequency Generation (DFG) and comes with many advantages such as high robustness and ultra-low phase noise. Due to the outstanding stability and accuracy of the DFC CORE + it keeps pace even with the best optical clocks. More than 20 years of engineering experience building high-quality scientific and industry-grade lasers went into its design, it’s a true TOPTICA laser.

FemtoFiber vario 1030: excellent fit for OEM integrators
The FemtoFiber vario 1030 offers superior temporal and spatial beam quality and features continuously adjustable pulse duration, pulse energy and a highly adjustable repetition rate down to pulse-on-demand. The unique pulse-on-demand design allows the user to pick the emitted pulses directly from the fundamental pulse train of the oscillator. With 2 μJ/pulse at 1MHz, the FemtoFiber vario 1030 delivers an ideal solution for biophotonics and material modification applications.

Complete-off and crosstalk-free: Four-color Laser Combiner for
Biophotonics & Microscopy
TOPTICA's iChrome CLE is a compact laser engine that combines four laser lines in one box. All integrated colors are provided via one polarization-maintaining single-mode fiber. It is available with 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm and more than 50 mW guaranteed output power after the fiber each.

With its auto-alignment feature the laser combiner system is ready-to-use after one simple button click. Each laser line, including the 561nm FDDL, can be directly modulated up to a frequency of 1 MHz and TOPTICA's "Complete OFF" mechanism guarantees zero photons in the "off"-state.

TOPO – Tunable Optical Parametric Oscillator
For molecular spectroscopy and quantum optics, TOPTICA’s new and powerful TOPO – Prism Awards 2019 WINNER – delivers wide tunability, narrow linewidth, and convenient hands-free digital control over the full 1.45 to 4.00 μm spectral range. A wide mode-hop free tuning range up to 300 GHz enables visibility of full spectroscopic signatures, while a 2 MHz linewidth reveals narrow atomic and molecular features.

Tunable Rack-mounted Lasers for advanced Quantum Technology

The MDL pro combines up to four narrow-linewidth tunable diode lasers in one compact sub-rack. This solves many problems of modern atomic optics: It simplifies complex operations because all integrated lasers are controlled using only a unified interface. Furthermore, it clears optical tables and stows away the lasers in a 19" standard subrack. This enables researchers to focus on their experiment instead of the laser system.

Cutting edge Laser systems even at exotic Wavelengths

The systems are used for demanding scientific and industrial applications in biophotonics, industrial metrology and quantum technology. TOPTICA is renowned for providing the widest wavelength coverage of lasers on the market, providing high-power lasers even at exotic wavelengths: 190 nm - 0.1 THz (corresponding to 3 mm).

To learn more about these products or any other products that TOPTICA has to offer, we encourage you to visit our booth and challenge us with your application – at any wavelength! South Hall – Booth 8209 (BiOS) / 3209 (PW)

Don't miss our booth party: All Wavelengths!

Join us for drinks, food, music, and great company! Tuesday, February 4, 5-8 pm booth #3209

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