GMX25 Grating Mount

Unique Grating Mounts Offer Precision Three Axis Adjustment

GMX25 Grating Mount

GMX25 Grating Mount


3/28/18 – A new range of diffraction grating mounts from Siskiyou Corporation are the industry’s first to combine rotational adjustment of square components in all three axes, as well as support both reflective and transmissive optics.  Specifically, Siskiyou GMx series mounts can hold 12.5 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm square optics of any thickness greater than 2 mm, and offer up to 8° of total rotation in each axis, with a resolution as low as 3.2 arcseconds.  All adjustments are accessed from the top of the mount to facilitate their use in space constrained systems and instruments, and they can be either table or post mounted for maximum operational flexibility and convenience. 

Unlike simpler optics like spherical lenses and mirrors, the optimized use of diffraction gratings requires the ability to precisely and independently adjust their alignment in three orthogonal axes.  These compact GMx mounts avoid the need for bulky assemblies comprised of separate axial adjusters, while providing the large clear aperture needed for applications using transmission gratings.

The combination of long term mechanical stability and ease-of-use make GMx series mounts useful for holding and adjusting diffraction gratings in a wide variety of systems.  These include OEM instruments, such as monochromators and spectrometers, as well as laboratory setups, such as the stretchers and compressors used to manipulate chirped ultrafast laser pulses.

Siskiyou Corporation (Grants Pass, OR) provides a diverse range of micromanipulators, microscope sample positioners, motion control systems and modular opto-mechanical mounts and positioners to life science and photonics researchers and OEMs.  The goal of the company is simple – to offer the highest quality product at an economical price, and to support customers with superior service.  Founded in 1972, Siskiyou is a vertically integrated company, performing all design, manufacturing, anodizing, and assembly in-house.

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