Siskiyou IXF

High Performance, Two Axis Optical Mounts for 3" and 4" Optics

Siskiyou IXF

Siskiyou IXF 3"


1/25/18 – Siskiyou Corporation has expanded their IXF series of monolithic flexure optical mounts to include larger models that can accommodate 3" (75 mm) and 4" (101 mm) diameter optics. These mounts utilize a unique configuration in which all parts (including the springs) are fabricated from a single piece of metal. This improves heat transfer through the mount over the traditional kinematic construction, and delivers exceptional long term pointing stability, even in the presence of temperature changes.

These two axis mounts feature adjustment over an angular range of 5°, and are supplied with fine pitched (100 TPI) screws which offer an adjustment resolution of 1.5 arcsec. The new IXF mounts are also compatible with Siskiyou’s patented optics clip. This unique, adhesive free mounting mechanism is specifically designed to securely retain high flatness components (e.g., optics with a flatness of λ/10 or better) without noticeably degrading their wavefront performance.

These new IXF mounts are available in both steel and aluminum versions. Steel construction offers superior mechanical and thermal stability, while aluminum provides lower weight and vacuum compatibility. The mounts’ use in vacuum applications is further enhanced because monolithic construction results in no “blind holes,” or other places in the mount in which gas or volatiles can be trapped, thus eliminating the potential for outgassing.

Siskiyou Corporation (Grants Pass, OR) provides a diverse range of micromanipulators, microscope sample positioners, motion control systems and modular opto-mechanical mounts and positioners to life science and photonics researchers and OEMs.

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