TMC Micro-g® Isolators with UltraDamp™ High-Performance Vibration Isolation for OEM In-Tool Applications

TMC Introduces UltraDamp™ Aggressive, High-Damping, Air-Vibration Isolation for OEMs

TMC Micro-g® Isolators with UltraDamp™ High-Performance Vibration Isolation for OEM In-Tool Applications

TMC Micro-g® Isolators with UltraDamp™ High-Performance Vibration Isolation for OEM In-Tool Applications


PEABODY, MA, May 19, 2017 — TMC, an industry leader in high-performance vibration isolation technology, introduces UltraDamp™, a very-high-damping pneumatic vibration isolation system that is ideal for vibration-sensitive applications with high-force, high- velocity, X-Y motorized stages that require fast settling time of the payload.

With UltraDamp, TMC expands its line of high-performance Micro-g® pneumatic vibration isolators, which offers a range of weight capacities, damping levels, and height control options for original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) in-tool applications.

“Now, the tool designer can specify an isolator that exactly matches his needs by choosing the capacity, damping level and height control required,” states Steve Ryan, Divisional Vice President for TMC. “Isolators are available in a modular, interchangeable and upgradable design, making it easy to swap out isolators to accommodate changes in a tool’s requirements without a costly tool redesign.” Isolator choices include three damping levels: Gimbal Piston™, MaxDamp® and UltraDamp – with maximum vibration attenuation or maximum damping. The isolators support payloads from 90 to 8,200 kg (200. to 18,000 lbs.) with three leveling performance options, offering standard height control valves, precision height control and TMC’s PEPS® II (Precision Electronic Positioning System).

Within TMC’s line of Micro-g isolators, its Gimbal Piston™ air isolators provide excellent vibration isolation with damping of payload disturbances. Some applications, however, require more damping. For those applications, TMC’s MaxDamp® isolators combine Gimbal Piston isolators with internal, tamper-proof viscous damping.

TMC’s new UltraDamp isolators offer an even more aggressive level of damping that ensures that the resonant frequency of the air isolators is not amplified by more than 3-5dB. The UltraDamp is ideal for semiconductor, liquid crystal display (LCD) and photovoltaic cell (PVC) inspection and lithography tools as well as other instruments with motorized stages that require both vibration isolation and aggressive settling of payload-induced motion.

About TMC
TMC designs and manufactures precision vibration isolation systems for sensitive research and manufacturing processes worldwide. TMC is an ISO 9001:2008-certified company. Its products include active and passive vibration isolation systems; optical tops, optical table systems, and breadboards; laboratory tables and tabletop platforms; floor platforms; magnetic field cancellation and electric field shielding systems; and acoustic enclosures. TMC is a unit of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies, a pioneer in the development of ultra-precision measurement instruments and a global leader in ultra-precise machine tools and manufacturing systems for the semiconductor, photovoltaic, nanotechnology, military, defense and ophthalmic lens markets.

AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies is a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of approximately $4.0 billion.

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