MKS Introduces Newport Low Wavefront Distortion Mirror Mount with ZeroDrift™ Thermal Drift Compensation


The Newport SU100TW-F2K


Andover, MA – April 4, 2017MKS Instruments, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKSI) announces the release of the Newport SU100TW-F2K Thermally Compensated Mirror Mount. This new mount for 25.4 mm optics combines low wavefront distortion mounting with innovative ZeroDrift™ thermal drift compensation. Newport’s ZeroDrift mounts feature patent-pending kinematic elements that compensate for temperature induced alignment drift. This feature results in an 85% improved optical pointing stability compared to other stainless steel mounts.

“The thermal deflection of optical mounts is predictable allowing Newport’s engineers to develop a method to counteract these deflections through thermal expansion compensation”, says Rick Sebastian, Product Marketing Manager Opto-Mechanics at MKS Newport. “Using our innovative ZeroDrift technology, the thermal deflection of an optical mount can be nearly eliminated.”

Combined with low wavefront distortion retainers that reduce mounting stress on mirrors and avoid optical distortion as well as locking screws, the Newport SU100TW-F2K mirror mount provides a maximum of long-term stability for demanding scientific experiments and industrial applications.  

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