New Color-Corrected Lens Series for Line - Scan Cameras

Color corrected, 7μm resolution, 0.1% distortion, up to 80 mm image circle

Coloretto Line Scan Lenses

Coloretto Line Scan Lenses.



Despite significant advances in area sensors, line scan cameras are still unequaled in their resolution and recording speed. Line scan cameras with color sensors have been increasingly used for some time now. These sensors are equipped with multiple lines, each of which is equipped with a different color filter; e.g. for red, green, and blue. These cameras are ideal for print inspection because they can simultaneously check the geometry and color values of a product.

At the beginning of November 2018, the Chinese manufacturer OPT Machine Vision presented its new Coloretto lens series at the Vision trade fair in Stuttgart. The five new achromats for the spectral range from 400 nm to 700 nm specifically meet the high demands of modern target cameras with 7μm pixel size.

Image acquisition and processing at maximum speed are the key features of industrial applications in which line-scan cameras can be used. The objects to be examined travel at high speed past the sensor lines of the line scan cameras, which capture the object line by line with triggered sampling rates of more than 100 kHz.

The lenses used must be excellently adapted to these special conditions in order to guarantee exact, reliable and reproducible imaging results. A low chromatic aberration and minimal distortion are therefore a must. The lenses of the new Coloretto series from OPT fulfill both of these requirements. This is proven, among other things, by the excellent color correction and the low distortion of less than 0.1%.

Ideally suited for use in quality assurance, the five lenses cover a wide range of applications, from the examination of print products, to the inspection of semiconductor products and high-quality flat surfaces, to the optical control of electronic components. Therefore, the automotive industry or the paper and printing industry also use high quality line scan cameras in many areas.

The lenses of the series have a V38 connector and are available for industrial cameras with different sensor sizes. The five lens variants have image field diameters of 30 mm to 80 mm. The range of lens magnifications from 0.04 x to 0.33 x shows that OPT provides a lens series here that is ideally suited for wide areas of industrial use of line scan cameras with high adaptability.

The Coloretto series lenses stand for the consistent expansion of the high-quality product portfolio that OPT has been able to offer for target cameras so far. Along with the proven high-resolution Hawk lens series for pixel sizes of 3.5 µm and 5.0 µm and 7.0 µm and the 29MP Fix Focus lens series for image field diameters of 140 mm to 180 mm, the Coloretto series is the third lens series for line-scan cameras in the extensive OPT program. In addition, OPT can supply the right lighting solution and numerous accessories for line camera applications.

"With the new Coloretto lens series, we underline our ambition to be able to offer excellent optical system solutions - even for line scan cameras with different specifications," emphasizes Thomas Feichtner, Sales Director at OPT Machine Vision. "However, we not only offer our industrial customers attractive products, but also the ever-desired competent purchasing advice in connection with their machine vision projects."







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