Back-Bone and Computar introduce the Ribcage RX0 Package - select Computar lenses with Back-Bone’s Ribcage RX0, offering full lens exchangeability with market leading camera specifications.

Back-Bone’s Ribcage RX0

Back-Bone’s Ribcage RX0


05 Jun 2018

The RX0 Package is an ideal solution for video professionals and enthusiasts needing high-quality footage in challenging conditions, when using multiple cameras, well as for traditional video and still needs.

NC and Ottawa, Ontario  - Computar®, a leading Japanese lens manufacturer operated by CBC Group, and Back-Bone Gear Inc. are together announcing their RX0 Package.  Computar® offers an extended family of larger format, C-mount, fixed focal length lenses as well as a complete family of CS and M12 mount lenses. Back-Bone delivers the only cameras in the world able to attach virtually any lens.         

Back-Bone is now delivering Ribcage Sony RX0, a light weight, small form factor camera capable of mounting virtually any lens type to deliver 4K @30 fps or 1080p @1000 fps.  The RX0 is intended by Sony to be a shock and waterproof camera aimed at video professionals and enthusiasts. Back-Bone adds full lens exchangeability and flexibility as well as filter choice, unleashing its full potential.   

Ribcage RX0 has a 1” 15.3 megapixel sensor, which is four times larger than sensors used in other small form factor cameras, delivering improved low light and extraordinary fast frame rate capabilities in a compact, very light weight camera.

Computar’s C, CS and M-12 mount lenses capitalize on all of those advantages. Their MPY Series announced in 2017, is a C-mount 12 megapixel lens that supports pixel sizes down to 3.45µm, and is available in focal lengths of 8, 12, 16, 25, 35 and 50mm.    

Industry veteran Pete Kepf, Business Development for Computar Lenses says “ Back-Bone’s RX0 camera delivers excellent results for professionals and others needing a lightweight, small form factor camera delivering market leading specifications.  With the larger sensor providing cinematic quality imaging, content producers are able to capture the best possible results from a wide range of Computar lenses. ”