OpTest® System Enhanced with New Finite Conjugate and Afocal Testing Modules and OpTest® 7 Software Support

Optikos Afocal Module for OpTest® Lens Testing System

Optikos Afocal Module for OpTest® Lens Testing System


Wakefield, MA USA, October 17, 2017—Optikos Corporation continues to expand its metrology products capabilities with new Finite Conjugate and Afocal Testing module options and enhanced software support for its OpTest Lens Testing System.

Afocal module, AF-1100 is an accessory to the LP-1000 Lens Platform that provides the second rotation required when measuring afocal lens assemblies such as visual riflescopes and telescopes. The AF-1100 includes a length of linear rail with a carrier for mounting the lens under test and placing the exit pupil over the axis of rotation. A fixed decollimating (eye) lens and external aperture stop are made coincident with the plane of the exit pupil. The separation between the two rotary axes is set to the distance reported in OpTest ® 7 Software to minimize the pupil walk across the collimated beam over the full field of view. The AF-1100 and OpTest 7 software fully support both inverting and non-inverting afocal lens measurements.

Finite Conjugate Platform module, FP-1100 for OpTest benches enables the evaluation of lenses at finite object distances, such as microscope objectives, macro lenses or other lenses designed to focus on near objects. The FP-1100 automates the translation of the Object Generator, OG-1000, perpendicular to the optical axis to establish height, and allows the object distance to be set through the translation of the platform along the axis. Both axes feature a linear position encoder, and the z-axis reading may be summed in OpTest 7 software with that from the LP-1000 image analyzer axis in order to create a seamless z-axis for the bench.

The latest OpTest® 7 Software release, v1.8 supports both the Afocal and Finite Conjugate modules; and also now includes Python ® scripting using an integrated editor, while maintaining OLE support through a COM object in legacy programming environments such as Microsoft Excel VBA.

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