The New Teli Bee – Flying with Sony’s latest CMOS Exmor® Global Shutter

Toshiba Teli launches the BU238M/MC USB3.0 camera with Sony’s IMX174 as the new standard in sensor technology

Teli Bee

Teli Bee


April 10, 2014

Made for high speed or low light factory automation or machine vision applications and using Sony’s first Global Shutter CMOS sensor inside, the new Bee Series sees Toshiba Teli as one of the first industrial camera suppliers to use the latest revolution in sensor technology.

The Exmor® Global Shutter with 2.4MP and full HD readiness enables distortion free images and has a peak quantum efficiency over 70%.  The combination of Toshiba Teli’s USB3.0 interface and a frame rate of 165 fps provides one of the most appreciated advantages of the BU238M/MC - speed.

Based on Sony’s recently developed analog memory, storing light collected at the photodiode, shielding from sources of noise, a clean conversion leads to very high sensitivity. With short shutter times, higher frame rates and processing times the sensitivity enables greater dynamic range and lower power costs together with clean images. With the dynamic range in excess of 70dB and analog to digital noise cancelling technology there is no fixed pattern noise and a low read noise of 6e-.

Dr. Ronald Müller from FRAMOS, the European distributor for Toshiba Teli and Sony, summarizes the advantages of the new Teli BU238M/MC: “The speed of the machine vision application is distinctly increased. Combined with higher accuracy and efficiency through its increased sensitivity, the ultra-low noise and fast frame rates of the Teli BU238M/MC, the customer or system integrator has a very reliable high quality and compact camera!”

The Toshiba Teli BU238M/MC with Sony’s IMX174 inside is available from June 2014. A further 2 Toshiba Teli Bee Models will also be available at this time:  The BU205M with 2MP CMOSIS sensor and the BU406M with 4MP CMOSIS sensor - both with excellent speed and resolution. With ultra-compact dimensions (29x29x16mm) the Teli Bee Series provides great design-in flexibility allowing customers to choose the best fitting solution from a wide range of cameras.

Teli Bee


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