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SMARTEK Vision Presents Board-Level Cameras with GigE Vision interface, PoE, and Remote Sensor Head

SMARTEK Vision Presents Board-Level Cameras

SMARTEK Vision Presents Board-Level Cameras


July 02, 2013

Little space for the camera, perfect image quality, low quantity, and high cost pressure – with the 90° angled housing variant of the industry proven Giganetix camera series, SMARTEK Vision just shortly solved this common requirement profile for an industrial camera.

Now, for their customers the high-tech company goes beyond that: The new board-level GigE camera offers device manufacturers and system integrators even more freedom at the successful camera integration into systems and machines with limited space. This is achieved by a special design with a remote sensor head, a single mainboard and Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature. The sensor board as well as the entire processing and data interface electronics and naturally also the comprehensive software package are equivalent to the well-established Giganetix industrial camera series, fully compliant with the GigE Vision and Gen<i>Cam standards.

Based on this new camera line, SMARTEK Vision offers customer specific adaptations of the camera geometry, the functionality, or the integrated control interface and all this with especially short development and delivery periods at an attractive cost-level.

Thanks to finest engineering capabilities of the developers educated in Germany, all Giganetix cameras offer optimal image quality with minimal noise and a comprehensive feature set. The broad selection of CCD and CMOS image sensor models, 10 from Sony, 4 from Aptina, and 3 from Truesense Imaging, offers the right camera for almost every Machine Vision application. Top-of-class trigger latency of 2µs on 2 Input and 2 Output control ports allows for optimal synchronization of camera arrays with flashing LED illumination. Throughout the design of these cameras, utilization of industrial standards (C-mount, Hirose-plug, RJ45-plug for CAT5e or CAT6 cables) allows for significant reduction of the total costs of your machine vision system – without any compromise in quality!

Smartek Board 02

Product Features:
• Remote camera head with standard C-mount lens adapter (further types like M12-mount on request)

• Single mainboard with 65x43mm footprint

• Power over Ethernet (PoE)

• Wide selection of high-end CCD/CMOS sensors from Sony, Aptina, and Truesense Imaging

• Exposure time programmable from 10µs to 10s

• Trigger latency of just ~2µs, jitter <0.5µs

• Partial scan, Area of Interest (AOI), binning

• Excellent thermal linkage, low power consumption

• Comprehensive C/C++ SDK, Windows and Linux

• Fully GigE Vision and Gen<i>Cam compliant hardware and software

• Ethernet cables allow for operating distances up to 100m

• Plug & Play, attach the camera to your Ethernet network and start working

• Sealed image sensor

• 2 input and 2 output channels, opto-isolated

 Smartek Board 03


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