American Infrared Solutions (AIRS) Announces the mini-Nyx Smart IDCA


The mini-Nyx


Hudson, NH; May 1, 2014. AIRS announced today the launch of the mini-Nyx Smart Integrated Dewar Cooler Assembly (IDCA). The mini-Nyx represents a significant extension to AIRS’ high performance infrared imaging product line. The mini-Nyx Smart IDCA is uniquely designed by AIRS to address high performance requirements in applications such as gimbal systems, manportable systems, hyperspectral imaging, ISR, missiles and commercial/scientific OEM applications.

Very low size, weight and power (SWAP) were central to the development of the mini-Nyx while maintaining the high performance and ease of integration that is typical of AIRS’ products. The mini-Nyx is further enhanced by AIRS’ Smart IDCA capability. The Smart IDCA function provides system front end signal processing such as A/D conversion and Camera Link format video output. Smart IDCA offers system and instrument designers the opportunity to build their system on a compact, high performance IR module without the need for complex, expensive or lengthy integration.  AIRS’ configuration capability affords broad flexibility on system architecture and design, while simplifying the input interface to downstream signal and image processing.

Dan Manitakos, President of AIRS, says, “The mini-Nyx and Smart IDCA further underscore the rapid advancement of AIRS’ high performance capabilities. Our team continues to broaden both the advanced technology supporting our products, as well as the breadth and depth of our product lines. We have rapidly developed capabilities necessary to support a wide range of government and commercial applications.”

About AIRS (Hudson, NH) - AIRS offers high performance cooled infrared imaging solutions, including cameras, modules and IDCAs. State of the art technologies, designs, and vertically integrated manufacturing allow AIRS to provide system integrators and instrumentation manufacturers customized, mission-critical imaging capability. AIRS’ strengths are providing custom solutions for customers with unique, challenging and complex thermal imaging needs.  The team consists of some of the most experienced technologists in the infrared industry.