Expanding the lineup of machine vision lenses for inspections and measurements at production lines

FUJINON HF-XA-5M series of high-resolution lenses deliver 3.45µm pixel pitch (equivalent to 5MP) on a 2/3-inch sensor with compact design




February 14, 2017

FUJIFILM Corporation has announced that it will launch the FUJINON HA-XA-5M series of machine vision lenses for use in inspections and measurements at production lines. The new high-resolution lenses are compatible with a 2/3-inch sensor with a 3.45 µm pixel pitch (equivalent to 5 megapixels).

The FUJINON HF-XA-5M series features “4D High Resolution”, which mitigates resolution degradation even when changing a working distance or aperture value. The lenses' compact design accommodates installation at a variety of conditions at production lines. The series is available in six models of various focal lengths, allowing users to choose the optimum model according to their usage.

At manufacturing facilities, a machine vision system is generally installed to capture and recognize images of production lines, and automatically position, measure and inspect materials and components. The demand for machine vision systems is projected to grow as manufacturers continue to embrace more and more automation and labor-saving at production lines.

Amidst growing market demand for greater production efficiency and stricter quality control, manufacturers, which must carry out product inspections and measurements at production lines in varying conditions, are looking for higher image-recognition accuracy and more compact form-factor when choosing a machine vision system. This has boosted market needs for lenses, which represent the initial point of receiving image data, that offer advanced resolution performance and compact design at the same time.

The FUJINON HF-XA-5M series offers high-performance prime lenses, compatible with the industry-mainstream 2/3-inch sensor with a 3.45 µm pixel pitch (equivalent to 5 megapixels) at the working distance of 50cm, which is the most frequently-used distance among users. Even in other conditions, the lenses' “4D High Resolution” function, mitigates resolution degradation when changing a working distance or aperture value. It maintains their high resolving power of no less than 4.4 µm pixel pitch (equivalent to 3 megapixels) on a 2/3-inch sensor from the image center to all corners. This function perfectly matches when you want to set the aperture wide open to achieve a faster shutter speed. The lenses' compact form factor accommodates installation versatility, allowing users to, install a lens closely to an inspection object in an inspection apparatus with space constraints.

Tapping into the optical technologies and precision processing and assembling technologies nurtured over many years, Fujifilm offers a wide range of lenses for the age of high resolution digital imaging, including broadcast lenses and security camera lenses. In the machine vision field with strong growth potential, Fujifilm is committed to delivering an extensive product lineup, perfected in pursuit of high performance, high image quality and high product quality.

Download more detailed specifications of these products from: https://fm.fujifilm.jp/form/pub/cctvlens/download-e