Photonics & Physics

Photonics Industries Introduces the Highest Pulse Energy YLF Ultraviolet Lasers Available

This high pulse energy is scalable to 40mJ in a dual head configuration for applications ranging from UV induced fluorescence, Particle Image Velocimetry to annealing semiconductor materials for the flat panel display industry

Researchers find weird magic ingredient for quantum computing

A form of quantum weirdness is a key ingredient for building quantum computers according to new research from a team at the

Laser Pulse turns Glass into a Metal

Quartz glass does not conduct electric current, it is a typical example of an insulator. With ultra-short laser pulses, however, the electronic properties of glass can be fundamentally changed within femtoseconds


First LOFAR observations of the “Whirlpool Galaxy”

Using a radio telescope with frequencies just above those of commercial FM radio stations, a European team of astronomers has obtained the most sensitive image of a galaxy below 1 GHz.

News from Jupiter-like planets: it's drier than we thought

A team of astronomers has made the most precise measurements yet of water vapour in the atmospheres of Jupiter-like planets beyond our Solar System and found them to be much drier worlds than

What lit up the universe?

New research from UCL shows we will soon uncover the origin of the ultraviolet light that bathes the cosmos, helping scientists understand how galaxies were built

“Smoking gun” evidence for theory that Saturn’s collapsing magnetic tail causes auroras

University of Leicester researchers have captured stunning images of Saturn’s auroras as the planet’s magnetic field is battered by charged particles from the Sun

Light Pulses Illuminate a Rare Black Hole

The universe has so many black holes that it's impossible to count them all. There may be 100 million of these intriguing astral objects in our galaxy alone. Nearly all black holes fall into one of two classes: big, and colossal. Astronomers know that black holes ranging from about 10 times to 100 times the mass of our sun are the remnants of dying stars, and that supermassive black holes, more than

Cassini finds 101 geysers and more on icy Saturn moon

Their results, including the possibility that liquid water may be reaching all the way to the surface, are presented in two back-to-back articles published

Imaging & Machine Vision

High-resolution CMOS cameras feature up to 20 megapixel and Dual GigE

8 and 12 megapixel models utilize the proven CMOSIS 5.5 μm pixel design. Thus the new LX technology easily upgrades existing CCD-based systems to provide excellent sensitivity and high frame rates

Biomimetic photodetector ‘sees’ in color

Rice University researchers have created a CMOS-compatible, biomimetic color photodetector that directly responds to red, green and blue light in much the same way the human eye does

JAI at Vision Stuttgart 2014

At Vision 2014 in Stuttgart, the JAI Group introduces a new industrial camera family under the name Go Series. The new Go Series are small, fast and versatile entry-level area scan

Medical Engineering

Intricate algae produce low-cost biosensors

This is a new and innovative approach to optical biosensors, which are important in health care for such applications as detecting levels of blood glucose or the presence of antibodies. They are also used for chemical detection in environmental protection

A glucose meter of a different color provides continuous monitoring

The researchers developed a new continuous glucose monitoring material that changes color as glucose levels fluctuate, and the wavelength shift is so precise that doctors and patients may be able to use it for automatic insulin dosing - something now possible using current point measurements like

Ultra low-light CMOS bio-optical sensor enables portable diagnostics

Anitoa is introducing CMOS molecular sensors that are highly integrated and low power. Combined with microfluidics technology, Anitoa’s CMOS molecular imager can enable a truly portable molecular diagnostic solution

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Intersil Announces Single-Chip Display Power and LED Driver for Smartphones

The ISL98611 is the first power management IC that integrates the display power and backlight LED driver functions in a single chip. It significantly improves efficiency of both functions to increase

Graphene’s multi-coloured butterflies

Combining black and white graphene can change the electronic properties of the one-atom thick materials, University of Manchester researchers have found.

Sony’s NEW TopEmission OLED Displays – the latest addition to complement the FRAMOS imaging portfolio

Developed for applications in broadcasting, microscopy, and medical diagnostics, these displays use the recently developed Super Top Emission technology

Ultra-Thinning of 300-mm Wafer Down to 4-micrometer Thickness

Researchers has developed technology for the ultra-thinning process down to 4 micrometer using 300mm wafer implemented 2G bit DRAM memory. The ultra-thinning process was carried out by the


Sony Debuts Ultra-Compact α5100 Interchangeable Lens Camera with Impressive Autofocus

Unique to the new α5100 is its extremely compact design, placing it among the smallest and lightest interchangeable lens cameras in market today

Carnegie Mellon Photo Editing Tool Enables Object Images To Be Manipulated in 3-D

Editors of photos routinely resize objects, or move them up, down or sideways, but Carnegie Mellon University researchers are adding an extra dimension to photo editing by enabling editors to turn or flip objects any way they want, even


QNAP Launches 7-in-1 Mobile NAS QGenie for File Storage, Power Bank, Internet Sharing, and More


QGenie offers a great mobile NAS solution to wirelessly and flexibly extend the storage space of mobile devices. Users can optimize their storage space by transferring files to


Thalmic Labs Unveils Final Design of the Myo Armband


The state-of-the-art industrial design is a thin, expandable band, which is nearly half the thickness of the Myo Alpha units that were given to select developers and partners over the past six months. Weighing in at less than 95 grams, the final Myo armband weighs less than


Fujitsu Develops ARROWS Tab Q335/K, New 8-Inch Tablet


The new model is planned to be rolled out in stages worldwide from October 2014


Life style

Introducing a new Seiko Astron design, inspired by the curvature of the Earth.


The new models have a bold, domed sapphire glass, representing the curvature of our planet and the stratosphere that surrounds it.


Dual Time Manufacture.

Dual Time Manufacture

Born from an iconic line, the Dual Time Manufacture enables the second time zone and date to be adjusted both forward and backward. Like the Marine collection, it is now equipped with a movement that has been developed and