HKU scientists achieve breakthrough in laser imaging

The new technique not only can resolve the current challenge to meet the ever-increasing demand for speed and throughput…

Model for Multivalley Polaritons

Although polaritons are formed by the coupling of photons and excitons, the research team modeled the two components

Interfacing cold atoms and photonic crystals

In a one-dimensional photonic crystal waveguide with short-range interactions, they find a rich phase diagram of emergen…

Holography Helped to Quickly Learn the Number of Particles in Volume

Typically, holography is associated with three-dimensional images of museum relics, souvenirs, marking products and prot…

Trapped ions and superconductors face off in quantum benchmark

Researchers at the JQI have performed a first-of-its-kind benchmark test of two small quantum computers built from diffe…



Solar cell design with over 50% energy-conversion efficiency

A new solar cell design could raise the energy conversion efficiency to over 50% by absorbing the spectral components of longer wavelengths that are usually lost during transmission through the

A solar cell structure using a hetero interface and the up-conversion of the two-proton system