Photonics & Physics

Laser Surface Texturing With LASERDYNE Multi-Axis Laser Systems Is Fast and Precise — Provides New Capability

With the precision and flexibility of these systems, texturing, like other applications, is accurate and easy to perform

Manipulating light inside an opaque layer

Light propagating in a layer of scattering nanoparticles, shows the principles of diffusion - like tea particles in hot water. The deeper light is penetrating into the layer, the lower the energy density. Scientists of University of Twente’s Complex Photonics Group, however, manage to turn this falling diffusion curve into

3D Laser Printing Yields High Quality Micro-Optics

In The Optical Society's journal for high impact research, Optica, researchers report direct fabrication of optical elements as small as 4.4 microns onto the exact center of an optical fiber only 125 microns in diameter, just


Winds a quarter the speed of light spotted leaving mysterious binary systems

Astronomers have observed two black holes in nearby galaxies devouring their companion stars at an extremely high rate, and spitting out matter at a quarter the speed of light

Proof that ancient supernovae zapped Earth sparks hunt for aftereffects

This research essentially proves that certain events happened in the not-too-distant past

Caught for the First Time: the Early Flash of an Exploding Star

The science team analyzed light that had been captured by Kepler every 30 minutes over a three-year period and covering some 50 trillion stars spread across 500 distant galaxies. The astronomers were hunting for signs of massive stellar death explosions known as supernovae and found

Macquarie astronomer designs NASA’s next generation spectrograph to search for habitable worlds around other stars

NEID also is short for “NN-EXPLORE Exoplanet Investigations with Doppler Spectroscopy.” NEID will detect planets by the tiny gravitational tug they exert on their stars.

Solar storms trigger Jupiter’s ‘Northern Lights’

It is the first time that Jupiter’s X-ray aurora has been studied when a giant storm from the Sun has arrived at the planet. The dramatic findings complement NASA’s Juno mission this summer which aims to understand the

Rochester scientist discovers new comet

A University of Rochester scientist has discovered a new comet – the first to be discovered by an astronomer associated with the University of Rochester or the Rochester area in over a century, his colleagues believe

Imaging & Machine Vision

X-ray spots fatigued metal

The spin-out company Xnovo Technology uses advanced X-ray technology for looking into compact materials

Teledyne DALSA’s Low-Cost Area and Color Line Scan Cameras Featured at The Vision Show

Feature-rich and affordable, Genie™ Nano cameras are built around the industry’s most powerful image sensors. Combined with

Radar with 360° vision

The radar works with millimeter waves that are reflected by the objects to be observed, such as people. Transmitted and received signals are processed and evaluated using numerical algorithms. Based on the

Medical Engineering

New on-chip optical sensing technique used to detect multiple flu strains

Study demonstrates detection and identification of different flu virus subtypes using a novel method for multiplex fluorescence detection on a small, dedicated chip

Researchers Find Way to Control Heart Waves With Light

Using a computer-controlled light projector, the team was able to control the speed of the cardiac waves, their direction and even the orientation of spirals in real time – something that has never been shown before in

Closing the Loop with Optogenetics

Optogenetics provides a powerful tool for studying the brain by allowing researchers to activate neurons using simple light-based signals. But until now, these optical stimulation techniques have been

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Elastomeric Transistor with Softness and Robustness Comparable to Cloth

The transistor is made only from elastomeric materials, such as single-walled carbon nanotubes, rubbers, and gel. The transistor can maintain its performance when stretched, bent, compressed, or struck, as every component deforms integrally

Brilliant colors from environmentally friendly crystals

Quantum dots have made it possible to substantially increase color quality in LCD displays. However, these cadmium-based nanocrystals have proven to be harmful to the environment. Fraunhofer researchers are working together with an industry partner to develop a promising alternative

Spin current on topological insulator detected electrically at room temperature

The researchers from Chalmers detected the surface spin current electrically on a topological insulator called bismuth selenide for the first time at room temperature employing ferromagnetic tunnel contacts

Heads up: Cambridge holographic technology adopted by Jaguar Land Rover

Cambridge researchers have developed a new type of head-up display for vehicles which is the first to use laser holographic techniques to project information such as speed, direction and navigation onto the windscreen so the driver


Canon unveils new EOS Kiss X80 digital SLR camera, featuring solid basic performance, built-in Wi-Fi and NFC for easy smartphone connectivity

Supporting Wi-Fi and NFC, the new EOS Kiss X80 from Canon enables easy on-the-spot wireless connectivity for transferring images to such devices as smartphones and tablets for convenient sharing on social

Taking performance to new heights, the FUJIFILM X-Pro2 offers the world's only Hybrid Multi Viewfinder and features a brand new 24MP X-Trans III sensor

The new model boasts a Hybrid Viewfinder capable of instantly switching between optical and electronic finders, plus an updated image sensor and processor, which dramatically improve image quality. By combining these features with the


LG Innotek Unveils Transmission Modules for Quick Wireless Charging

Wireless power charger pad which is adopted LG Innotek’s 15-watt transmission module

LG Innotek’s 15-watt transmission module can be used on wireless power chargers installed on vehicles as well as wireless chargers used at home or office. The company has secured quality at the level of automotive electronic parts


RideOn’s Indiegogo Campaign Brings Augmented Reality to Ski Slopes for First Time

RideOn goggles

The experience of riding down the mountain will change dramatically in 2015. RideOn, a startup based in Tel Aviv, recently unveiled their prototype of ski goggles of the


Experience Virtual Reality with ZEISS VR ONE


To dive into virtual worlds, all the user needs to do is select an appropriate VR app and slide his or her smartphone into the headset using the tray provided. ZEISS VR ONE will initially be available worldwide with a tray for the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and the iPhone 6


Life style

Ulysse Nardin Musical Marvel Delights on the Hour, on Request with Vivaldi Melody.

Stranger Vivaldi

As revolutionary as it is in engineering, it is equally stylish. Exhibiting a modern appeal, sleek lines are tempered by a repetitive circle motif. Large Roman numerals mark the hours, adding a casual air. Its aesthetic is further


Jaquet Droz presents The Bird Repeater Geneva

The Bird Repeater Geneva

At the center of the dial, a pair of elegant goldfinches have nested right in the heart of Île Rousseau, the island paradise for birds located precisely at the entrance to the lake. These creatures, their plumage as brightly colored as a Fauvist canvas, hand-sculpted in gold