Photonics & Physics

Ultrafast Lasers of the Future Will Be Compact and Smart

The achievement paves the way for industrial production of femtosecond lasers with a compact construction that are reliable and potentially capable of self-calibration

3D printing: Printing metal parts quick and adaptable

All the components are integrated into the compact housing of the TruPrint 1000: the laser, optics, process enclosure, filter unit and control cabinet. The fascinating part actually takes place in the process

Particle accelerator on a microchip

The project is based on advances in nano-photonics, the art of creating and using nano structures to generate and manipulate different kinds of light. A laser using visible or infrared light is used to accelerate the electrically charged elementary particles, rather than the radio-frequency


New exoplanet in our neighborhood

The new planet, named GJ 1132b, is Earth-sized and rocky, orbiting a small star located a mere 39 light-years from Earth, making it the closest Earth-sized exoplanet yet discovered

UAH professor’s laser-based space energy system generates a patent

The system could be configured to provide energy to other spacecraft or for application of the delivered energy to maximally efficient redirection of an asteroid or related object that is discovered to be on a collision course with Earth

UW scientists are the first to simulate 3-D exotic clouds on an exoplanet

Scientists have catalogued nearly 2,000 exoplanets around stars near and far. While most of these are giant and inhospitable, improved techniques and spacecraft have uncovered increasingly smaller worlds. The day may soon come when astrophysicists announce

Shock waves at Saturn could reveal secrets of exploding stars

The Cassini space probe has detected unusually strong shock waves near Saturn, similar to those driven by supernovae.

Astronomical survey reveals spectacular galaxy halos

A study of spiral galaxies seen edge-on has revealed that halos of cosmic rays and magnetic fields above and below the

NASA Telescopes Find Galaxy Cluster with Vibrant Heart

Astronomers have discovered a rare beast of a galaxy cluster whose heart is bursting with new stars. The unexpected find, made with the help of NASA's Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes, suggests that behemoth galaxies at the cores of these

Imaging & Machine Vision

Out now: Mako GigE Camera now available with Sony CMOS Sensor

The Mako G-234 combines a compact form factor with the advantages of Sony’s new IMX249 CMOS sensor. The camera enables high-quality imaging with frame rates up to 40 fps at full resolution

No lens? No problem for FlatCam

FlatCam, invented by the Rice labs of electrical and computer engineers Richard Baraniuk and Ashok Veeraraghavan, is little more than a thin sensor chip with a mask that replaces lenses in a traditional camera

ON Semiconductor CCD Image Sensor Expands Options for Astrophotography and Scientific Imaging

The new KAF-16200 CCD image sensor leverages the advanced design and manufacturing capabilities of ON Semiconductor to enable image capture of the highest quality. The device’s Full Frame CCD architecture provides

Medical Engineering

Researchers Find Way to Control Heart Waves With Light

Using a computer-controlled light projector, the team was able to control the speed of the cardiac waves, their direction and even the orientation of spirals in real time – something that has never been shown before in

Closing the Loop with Optogenetics

Optogenetics provides a powerful tool for studying the brain by allowing researchers to activate neurons using simple light-based signals. But until now, these optical stimulation techniques have been

High-resolution 'laser x-rays' could spot tiny fractures in bone

A new method of taking highly detailed x-ray images of bone using powerful laser beams has been developed by researchers at Imperial College London

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Helping Siri Hear Through a Cocktail Party

A new sensor developed at Duke University helps computers separate overlapping sounds.

Polyera Announces World's First Flexible Display Product

Polyera Digital Fabric Technology™ is a unique set of materials, tools, and know-how designed to enable the production of flexible electronic products at scale. This platform is the result of 10 years of development, spanning fundamental science, engineering, and

gaugewear Inc. to commercialize wearable technology prototype

As the business of wearable technology continues to boom, a new University of Colorado technology that allows for the control of electronic devices with one-handed taps, swipes and touches has been optioned to the Boulder company gaugewear Inc

Drexel Engineers' Recipe For 'Sandwiching' Atomic Layers Expands Possibilities For Making Materials That Store Energy

The scientists whose job it is to test the limits of what nature—specifically chemistry— will allow to exist, just set up shop on some new real estate on the Periodic Table. Using a method they invented for joining disparate elemental layers into a stable material with


The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH4R: The ultimate DSLM photo/video hybrid just got better

With the updates to the LUMIX DMC-GH4, Panasonic has created a camera that’s perfectly suited to both professional and amateur videographers alike. Panasonic’s 4K technology allows all users to capture immersive video like

OM-D E-M10 Mark II, Compact System Camera

The OM-D E-M10 Mark II is the successor model to the OM-D E-M10 that went on sale February 2014. On the stylish and easy to use compact body, it includes a powerful in-body 5-axis VCM image stabilization inherited from the


RideOn’s Indiegogo Campaign Brings Augmented Reality to Ski Slopes for First Time

RideOn goggles

The experience of riding down the mountain will change dramatically in 2015. RideOn, a startup based in Tel Aviv, recently unveiled their prototype of ski goggles of the


Experience Virtual Reality with ZEISS VR ONE


To dive into virtual worlds, all the user needs to do is select an appropriate VR app and slide his or her smartphone into the headset using the tray provided. ZEISS VR ONE will initially be available worldwide with a tray for the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and the iPhone 6


For the first time in industry, Sharp Develops 7.0" Tablet with MEMS-IGZO display

Sharp Tablet equipped with MEMS-IGZO Display

The MEMS-IGZO display on this tablet is a cutting-edge display jointly developed with Pixtronix, Inc. (hereafter "Pixtronix"), a subsidiary company of Qualcomm Incorporated. By integrating Pixtronix's MEMS display technology and


Life style

Ulysse Nardin Musical Marvel Delights on the Hour, on Request with Vivaldi Melody.

Stranger Vivaldi

As revolutionary as it is in engineering, it is equally stylish. Exhibiting a modern appeal, sleek lines are tempered by a repetitive circle motif. Large Roman numerals mark the hours, adding a casual air. Its aesthetic is further


Jaquet Droz presents The Bird Repeater Geneva

The Bird Repeater Geneva

At the center of the dial, a pair of elegant goldfinches have nested right in the heart of Île Rousseau, the island paradise for birds located precisely at the entrance to the lake. These creatures, their plumage as brightly colored as a Fauvist canvas, hand-sculpted in gold