A quantum logic gate between light and matter

Central part of the experimental setup

When it comes to recognizing complex patterns or to decoding encrypted messages, conventional computers reach their limits. A whole new quality in the communication and processing of data is expected from a technology that exploits the special properties of quantum particles such as superposition and entanglement. Scientists around the world pursue a variety of different concepts towards the development of
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Photonics & Physics

FLIR Systems Canada partners with ING Robotic Aviation to introduce an advanced method of infrared inspections

With the addition of the FLIR camera and gas detection filter, ING Robotic Aviation they can locate hydrocarbon gas leaks from the air to inspect pipeline, rail cars, marine vessels and more

Your T-shirt’s ringing: telecommunications in the spaser age

A new version of spaser technology being investigated could mean that mobile phones become so small, efficient, and flexible they could be printed on clothing.

Perfect nanospheres using ultrashort laser pulses

The Nanophotonics Group of the Laser Zentrum Hannover has developed a method to print nanoparticles made of different materials with controlled, reproducible sizes and to precisely deposit these particles on a receiver substrate


The study of quasars reveals the most precise measurement of the expanding Universe

Astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey have used 140,000 distant quasars to measure the expansion rate of the Universe when it was only one-quarter of its present age

Southampton scientist to help design and build the world’s largest telescope

Professor Anna Scaife, from the University’s Astronomy Group, will join other UK scientists, engineers and industries in supporting the design of the Square Kilometre Array, which will be the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world.

Recipe for star formation discovered

An international team of astronomers has developed a novel technique to reconstruct an interstellar cloud’s three-dimensional structure, to estimate how many new stars the cloud is likely to form.

Every red dwarf star has at least one planet

Three new planets classified as habitable-zone super-Earths are amongst eight new planets discovered orbiting nearby red dwarf stars by an international team of astronomers from the UK and Chile. The study identifies that virtually all red dwarfs, which make up at least three quarters of the stars in the Universe, have planets orbiting them

Galactic gas caused by colliding comets suggests mystery ‘shepherd’ exoplanet

Latest research has uncovered a massive clump of carbon monoxide in a young solar system. The gas is the result of near constant collisions of icy comets – suggesting vast swarms of tightly packed comets in thrall to the gravitational pull of an as-yet-unseen exoplanet

Powerful supercomputer to offer a glimpse of the early universe

One of the world’s most powerful supercomputers is to enable astrophysicists at The University of Nottingham to build a sophisticated simulation of the early universe

Imaging & Machine Vision

UW graduate’s lens turns any smartphone into a portable microscope

The Micro Phone Lens, developed by UW mechanical engineering alumnus Thomas Larson, can turn any smartphone or tablet computer into a hand-held microscope. The soft, pliable lens sticks to

Toshiba Imaging Introduces 3CMOS 1080p HD Video Camera with Enhanced Infrared Imaging Capabilities

The innovative CMOS video camera features 3G-SDI/HD-SDI and DVI-D outputs and a removable optical low-pass filter (OLPF) for dual-mode imaging applications in visible light and near-infrared (IR) spectrums.

Adimec showcases latest high-resolution cameras with active sensor control at The Vision Show 2014

The company will display and discuss enhancements to its latest CMOS-based QUARTZ family, including the Q-12A65 which is now in full production, as well as other ultra high-resolution capabilities.

Medical Engineering


Over the past half-century, biosensors have opened a new window on the physical world while revolutionizing much of modern society. By utilizing an electronic or optical system, biosensors detect and interact with the components of biological materials, making it possible to analyze DNA, measure the

Researchers at University of Wisconsin-Madison Measure 2D SFG Spectrum of a Peptide Using Princeton Instruments CCD Camera!

Determination of the secondary structure of interface-bound peptides is a powerful tool in the investigation of such protein-misfolding disorders as Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. Unlike conventional linear spectroscopic methods, 2D IR and 2D SFG provide unambiguous information about the structure and dynamics of target molecules

New biomedical diagnostics using personalized 3D imaging

Researchers at the firm 4DNature and the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) are developing a new technology, called helical optical projection tomography, which improves biomedical diagnostic 3D imaging.

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Newly discovered catalyst could lead to the low-cost, clean production of methanol, scientists say

Scientists from Stanford, SLAC and Denmark have created a new nickel-gallium catalyst that could some day be used to convert hydrogen and carbon dioxide emissions into methanol, an important industrial chemical and potential fuel.

Smart HMI Stick opens up new simpler ways to wirelessly control machines with tablets and smartphones

Applications include industrial machinery, heating systems, air conditioning plants, production equipment, laboratory equipment, test and measurement devices, home automation systems, medical equipment, etc

Wind farms can provide a surplus of reliable clean energy to society, Stanford study finds

The worldwide demand for solar and wind power continues to skyrocket. Since 2009, global solar photovoltaic installations have increased about 40 percent a year on average, and the installed capacity of wind turbines has doubled. The dramatic growth of the wind and solar industries has led utilities to

Scientists Discover Potential Way to Make Graphene Superconducting

Researchers used a beam of intense ultraviolet light to look deep into the electronic structure of a material made of alternating layers of graphene and calcium



LG G Watch

The LG G Watch powered by Android Wear will present a low barrier to entry for de-velopers and offer the best Google experience for users. LG engineers worked closely with Google from the initial stages of development to ensure that the LG G Watch worked perfectly with Android Wear


Volvo Cars brings Apple CarPlay to the all-new Volvo XC90

Volvo Cars brings Apple CarPlay to the all-new Volvo XC90

The alliance promises to transform the in-car experience. Called Apple CarPlay, the new service brings all the features and services familiar to iPad, iPhone or iPod users directly into the car via Volvo Cars' large centre console touch screen display


Fujitsu Develops Prototype Haptic Sensory Tablet

The prototype tablet with haptic sensory technology

While technologies already exist that convey texture by vibrating the touchscreen display panel itself or by generating static electricity, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed the industry's first technology to use ultrasonic vibrations to convey tactile sensations by varying the friction between the touchscreen display and the user's finger.


Life style

Introducing a new Seiko Astron design, inspired by the curvature of the Earth.


The new models have a bold, domed sapphire glass, representing the curvature of our planet and the stratosphere that surrounds it.


Dual Time Manufacture.

Dual Time Manufacture

Born from an iconic line, the Dual Time Manufacture enables the second time zone and date to be adjusted both forward and backward. Like the Marine collection, it is now equipped with a movement that has been developed and