Squeezing light at the nanoscale

The researchers built nano-discs — the smallest about 50 nanometers high and 200 nanometers wide — made of two-dimension…

Tracking down the mystery of entangled particles of light

To change the quantum state of the photons, the researchers made use of techniques which are usually applied for the sha…

Tackling the 12 ‘Herculean tasks’ of quantum optics

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Delft scientists make first ‘on demand’ entanglement link

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Exact Optical Frequencies on Demand

The Caltech frequency comb relies on finely constructed optical resonators—basically, circular racetracks for trapped ph…



Perovskite-silicon solar cell research collaboration hits 25.2% efficiency

For this new result they have optimized their high-efficiency silicon heterojunction bottom cell and developed an optical adaptation to the top cell using a very specific

Perovskite-based tandem solar cells can achieve now efficiencies better than 25%.

Imec Develops Industry-Compatible Screen-Printing Process for Highly Efficient n-PERT Solar Cells

Imec, within the collaboration of EnergyVille, and Jolywood realize bifacial n-PERT cells with average 21.9 percent front-side efficiency