ProPhotonix Extends Laser Diodes Range with New 940nm Laser Diodes from QSI

The new laser diodes, from Quantum Semiconductor International Co., Ltd., offer a higher wavelength of 940 nanometers, a…

MIPT scientists revisit optical constants of ultrathin gold films

Researchers at MIPT have conducted highly precise measurements of the optical constants of ultrathin gold films with thi…

Doubling the power of the world's most intense laser

The power of the HERCULES laser comes from a series of five embedded pump lasers that amplify ultrashort pulses of light…

Visible graphene plasmons from electrons

In a recent study, research group at ICFO, have proposed a new theoretical methodology to generate visible plasmons in g…

Quantum light makes better measurements

Published in Nature Photonics, researchers from Griffith University’s Centre of Quantum Dynamics have demonstrated that …



UNIST Researchers Develop Wearable Solar Thermoelectric Generator

In this study, Professor Choi and his team designed a noble wearable solar thermoelectric generator by integrating flexible BiTe-based TE legs and sub-micron thick solar absorbers on a polymide substrate

Photograph of the TE ink printed in various shapes with curves and straight lines.

New records for the solar cell of tomorrow

A team of researchers from CSEM, NREL and EPFL generate 32.8% and 35.9% record efficiencies with silicon-based multi-junction solar cells.