Fiber Optic Fence Detection System  FD508

Optex Launches Fiber SenSys FD508 Alarm Processor Unit

Fiber Optic Fence Detection System Enhances Security Offering

Fiber Optic Fence Detection System  FD508

Fiber Optic Fence Detection System FD508


26 June 2013

OPTEX® – the leading detector and perimeter security solutions specialist – has launched its new fiber optic fence detection system – the Fiber SenSys® FD508™, a cost-effective, high performance 8-zone alarm processing unit (APU) – that uses sophisticated algorithms to detect intruders who are attempting to climb over, crawl under or cut through a fence.

The Fiber SenSys FD508 APU uses a rack-mounted design that can be located a few kilometers away from the fence and is designed to provide high-security perimeter protection while simplifying the installation, configuration and commissioning of the system. Features include a single-strand sensing design (that does not require a loop back) and up to 800 metres of sensing cable per zone.

Ideally suited to critical infrastructure or large industrial premises where reliability is key, the advanced fibre-optic sensing is unaffected by harsh external conditions including UV radiation, moisture, salt, or even lightning strikes. The algorithms are able to distinguish between genuine intruders and nuisance alarms that might be caused by wind, vibrations or small animals. The tuning software is included and comprises more than 30 parameters to tailor the system to its environment.

Takuya Okamoto, Managing Director at Optex Europe, says that the addition of the FD508 APU complements our range of high security, rack-mounted, fence protection systems which can be located remotely from the site: "The design has been modified to use standard connectors (SC/APC) and the configuration of the zones has been simplified by building the delay coils in, making this new model easier and more cost-effective to install."

The high-end models within the Fiber SenSys range have been approved by the US Air Force and are the only fiber-optic intrusion detection system that is Protection Level 1 Nuclear (PL-1N) rated, and is ideally suited for large government and critical infrastructure applications, including military (permanent and tactical), airports, government facilities, prisons, nuclear and chemical plants, refineries, heritage properties, power stations and reservoirs.

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