Heavy Duty encoder HOG 86 L with fiber optic interface

Heavy Duty encoder HOG 86 L with fiber optic interface: 2,200 meter signal transmission

New HOG 86 L with Fiber Optic Interface incremental heavy duty encoder provides solution for outdoor, long cable run applications

Heavy Duty encoder HOG 86 L with fiber optic interface

Heavy Duty encoder HOG 86 L with fiber optic interface


Southington, Conn. -- June 26, 2013. Baumer presents an innovative solution for long-distance transmission of generator feedback: the Incremental Heavy Duty encoder HOG 86 L with fiber optic interface (FOI). Signal transmission allows for maximum 2,200-meter cable length and is fully immune against electromagnetic interference. A redundant encoder variant with simultaneous electric and optic signal transmission is also available. The HOG 86 L with FOI is suitable for all outdoor, harsh, and heavy duty applications which require long cable runs and are susceptible to electrical interference.

The product innovations further widen the HOG 86 encoder platform which already provides maximum flexibility through a wide selection of variants with multiple design benefits, such as: a terminal box rotatable through 180°, an M23 mating connector, cable outlet, or even redundant sensing outputs.

HOG 86 encoders come in a very resilient mechanical design. Large, optimally-spaced bearings at both ends ensure a considerably extended service life. Enduring temperatures from -40 °C to +100 °C, these encoders provide long-term IP66 protection and are compliant to corrosion category C4.

Protective encapsulation by two closed compartments inside the housing will prevent sensing unit and electronics damage during installation and electrostatic discharge. Insulated bearings eliminate potential harm from inductive shaft currents. As an option, the encoders also come with hybrid bearings.

Another optional feature is an integrated function monitoring EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System) to consistently monitor encoder functionality. Potential errors are immediately and reliably tracked and communicated to the control by the alarm output. The housing-integrated multicolor LED activity indicator signals proper power supply, output driver performance, and signal integrity. The EMS will speed up error tracing and prevent expensive downtime.

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