Pembroke Instruments Announces Release of SenS SWIR Camera

The new SenS VGA SWIR Camera

The new SenS VGA SWIR Camera


January 11, 2018

Pembroke Instruments announces the release of the SenS Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) camera. The SenS employs a new and patented InGaAs sensor (640X512, 15 um pixel pitch) that can be set to operate in three modes of operation:

1) linear response mode for low light imaging

2) Log response mode when intrascene dynamic range is very high

3) Fast gating mode when image acquisition must have a time window < 200 nsec.

The range of supported SWIR light level ranges is without precedent and SenS solves the problem of having to make compromises for image acquisition when light levels change and gating requirements are important.

The SWIR (Short Wave InfraRed ) spectral region has evolved to become critical for many industrial, scientific, remote sensing, and surveillance applications including:

  • SWIR Remote Sensing
  • SWIR Microscopy
  • SWIR Surveillance and Target Identification
  • SWIR Laser Tracking
  • Reflective and Hyperspectral SWIR Imaging
  • Defect detection in industrial products by SWIR Imaging

Key features of the SenS SWIR camera include:

  • Three separate modes of operation to obtain peak imaging performance:
    • Linear mode with multiple gain settings (low light condition)
    • Log response mode (high intrascene dynamic range)
    • Gating mode (< 100 nsec exposure, <30 nsec rise time, high shutter efficiency)
  • Up to 250 fps full frame
  • Standard TE cooled for high stability
  • 640X512 pixel, 15 um pixel pitch, InGaAs sensor
  • USB3 or Cameralink
  • Small footprint and rugged

Pembroke Instruments, LLC is a leading source for state-of-the art imaging and spectroscopy products for industrial, life science, and military applications.


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